Dental: Why use root canal treatment? – 2022


Dental: Why use root canal treatment?

Caries and cracks in the enamel are different factors that can damage the dental pulp. The latter can become infected and cause inflammation.

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Root Canal Treatment Step by Step – 2022


Why use root canal treatment?

Caries and cracks in the enamel are different factors that can damage the dental pulp. The latter can become infected and cause inflammation. It is in this case that it is necessary to opt for a root canal treatment.

Sometimes the dental pulp dies without any infection. However, even in this case, it is necessary to prescribe the treatment.

Before performing a root canal treatment, dentists will have noted the change in the color of the tooth, but also in the appearance of the gums. Using x-rays, they detect the different stigmas at the root of the tooth.

Thus, professionals can draw the conclusion that the pulp of the tooth will not be able to survive. The root canal treatment can in this case spare the tooth before the symptoms appear.

The different steps.

Most of the time, the tooth is anesthetized, even if it is possible not to do it when the tooth is completely dead.

An operating field is positioned on the tooth in order to isolate it. The goal is to prevent contamination through saliva. In addition, this field also ensures that disinfectant products do not overflow from the mouth.

Subsequently, the dentist drills the top of the tooth to reach the pulp chamber where the nerve is located. This is the center of the tooth.

The canals must then be cleaned using mechanical or manual instruments.

Then various products are applied. They must disinfect the inside of the channels.

Subsequently, the obturation of the canal(s) is carried out in order to avoid further contamination of the interior of the tooth.

The filling is made of cement and rubber.

Finally, the last step is the restoration of the tooth.

What happens after root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment has an excellent success rate. Teeth treated with root canal treatment can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

You may feel pain after a root canal treatment. It usually comes from inflammation. It is strongly advised to use anti-inflammatories instead of traditional painkillers.

In case of severe and continuous pain, inability to chew or swelling of your gums, return to your dentist as soon as possible.

Indeed, these different situations can be indicative of a crack in the tooth or of a canal requiring treatment or a complement.

Even if the root canal treatment has been effective, it is essential to continue to have impeccable and flawless oral hygiene. Take the time to brush your teeth and gums properly. You can also use dental floss.

Also, don’t forget to schedule your annual dentist appointment as well, which will give him the opportunity to keep track of your mouth health. Thus, you will benefit from specific treatments in case of concern.

For a root canal treatment, it is necessary to carry out one or more sessions at the dentist. It depends on several factors like the condition of the pulp and infection. This procedure has an excellent success rate. However, this is an extremely delicate procedure, and the dentist can repeat treatment steps later if the results obtained are not convincing.

Root canal treatment and possible pain: how to reduce them?

Root canal treatment is an intervention that was long known to be painful. Fortunately, this dreaded pain is no longer relevant and there are many solutions to prevent the patient from suffering.


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