Dental: What Should We Consider When Choosing Toothpaste? – 2022


Dental: What Should We Consider When Choosing Toothpaste?

Oral and dental care is of great importance for both our physical and psychological health. While neglected oral care causes diseases, bad…

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What Should We Consider When Choosing Toothpaste?

Oral and dental care is of great importance for both our physical and psychological health. While neglected oral care causes diseases, bad breath can also affect our socialization. For this reason, we need to make our dental care a habit by including it in our daily routine. Since our mouth is in direct interaction with external factors, we must clean our teeth correctly. We should clean the deposits that stick on our teeth, which we cannot see with our eyes because of what we eat and drink, every day. Now we all know by heart that we need to brush our teeth twice a day. Brushing our teeth after breakfast in the morning and before going to bed in the evening is the simplest step in our dental care. At the same time, we need to clean the areas that the toothbrush cannot reach with dental floss every two days, and we should not skip our regular dentist visits. So how should we choose our toothpaste that we use twice a day?

Choose pastes with whitening properties

Just as everyone has a toothbrush that they choose according to their own preferences, they should also have toothpaste. Even in your home, the problems and needs of each individual’s own teeth may be different. For this reason, we should know our teeth well and know what they need. So we can find the most suitable paste for ourselves. If you have stains on your teeth and want to get rid of them, or if you think your teeth are yellow and want to whiten them, you should not choose stain-removing pastes. It will be better for you to use pastes with whitening properties because stain remover toothpastes may contain abrasive substances and using these pastes continuously can cause your teeth to wear out. The properties of whitening toothpastes may also differ from each other. You can review Nordics products here to choose the most suitable toothpaste for you.

Sensitization pastes could be the solution

Hot and cold sensitivity can become annoying when cavities occur on our teeth. Although the common cause of tooth sensitivity is caries, other factors can also cause this discomfort. When we brush our teeth hard, wear occurs on our teeth. In the regions where these abrasions occur, hot and cold sensitivity is experienced. In addition, if you are clenching or grinding your teeth while sleeping, you may encounter sensitivity problems. In such cases, toothpastes with desensitizing properties will help reduce this feeling. But of course, when you encounter cavities, brush your teeth hard or clenched your teeth, these pastes can only relieve your discomfort for a while. In these situations, you should not neglect to consult your dentist.

Use environmentally friendly pastes

We protect our health while brushing our teeth, but we must also think about and protect our world and our environment. The first step to this is to avoid using too much water while brushing our teeth. Afterwards, we should pay attention to the environmental friendliness of our toothbrush. We can use bamboo brushes as plastic and battery-powered brushes can harm our nature. It is important that our toothpaste is environmentally friendly, as is our toothbrush. We can fulfill our responsibility to nature when we control and buy the ingredients it contains. The absence of substances that will harm nature in the components of our toothpaste also helps our teeth to be healthier.


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