Dental: What is Braces? – 2022


Dental: What is Braces?

Braces should be applied if there is a gap or crookedness between the teeth, if there are problems with the gums. Dental

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What is Braces?

Braces should be applied if there is a gap or crookedness between the teeth, if there are problems with the gums. The crooked teeth mean the necessity of braces treatment. The crooked teeth also cause deformities in the jaw. Braces application is under the name of orthodontic treatments. The use of braces varies between 18 and 24 months, depending on the problem.

Reasons for Wearing Braces

Wearing braces should be decided after an orthodontist’s examination for deformities in the teeth and jaw, and if possible, it should be started as soon as possible.

How to Attach Braces

Before the application of braces, it is determined whether there is caries on the teeth, and if there is caries, it is cleaned. The teeth that need to be extracted are pulled. After these procedures, an elliptical material is attached to the mouth. Then the brackets are applied and after the necessary bonding processes, they are placed. Finally, tires are mounted so that there are no slipping situations. After the application, there is a feeling as if there is an excess in the mouth, but this is a period of getting used to. Over time, this feeling is accepted.

What are the Types of Braces

There are 4 types of braces. These varieties are based on structural defects in the mouth or jaw. Kinds; metal brackets, porcelain transparent brackets, lingual brackets and orthodontics without wires. The most used and preferred type are metal brackets.

Braces are a form of treatment applied to correct if there is a defect in the alignment of the teeth. Braces application also means brackets and wires attached to the brackets. As these wires apply force to the brackets, the alignment of the teeth reaches the ideal state. The application of braces is also preferred in cases where the teeth are not erupted, the teeth are split or broken. During the treatment, since the teeth are started to move, pain may be experienced. Painkillers are also recommended for this. Again, hard foods cannot be eaten during the treatment. Eating something by biting is both difficult and not recommended. During the wire treatment, aphthae may occur in the mouth. The reason for this is the result of the wires touching the mouth and sinking.

Braces Options

It cannot be said that braces look very aesthetically pleasing. For example, lingual orthodontic braces are located on the inside of the teeth. It is preferred because it has the advantage of being invisible. However, it takes a little more getting used to. This type is a type of bracket mostly preferred by adults. Porcelain brackets, on the other hand, look much more aesthetic. It is preferred because it is thin, but it is very difficult to maintain. And the most preferred metal brackets are also the most durable. It is placed on the inside or outside of the patient’s teeth. The first times are difficult times for the patient and even affect daily life. After sitting on the tooth, it remains attached for 2 or 3 years, it cannot be said that it looks aesthetically pleasing. Afterwards, careful use and treatment of the teeth are expected.


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