Dental: What Are the Benefits of Floss? – 2022


Dental: What Are the Benefits of Floss?

Do not feel too late to use dental floss. Of course, the sooner you start using it, the better it will be in terms of oral and dental health.

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Benefits of Flossing that You Might Not Know


Incorrect Floss Use

One of the most common mistakes is to clean your teeth over and over with the same floss. It should not be forgotten that dental floss is disposable products. You should take care to use the piece you cut off only once and then dispose of it. Because after cleaning all the teeth with the broken piece, you may notice that the bottom thread is already worn out.

Another example of misuse is cleaning only the parts of the teeth that are far from the gums. However, you need to clean the part where the gums end and the teeth begin to appear with dental floss. It is useful to underline that plaques accumulate mostly in this region. Therefore, it is very important to clean this area for an effective dental cleaning.

Correct Floss Use

You can learn the process of cleaning the teeth with dental floss in a short time. The correct use of this material is also of great importance. Incorrect use can damage the gums. The most important point is to apply pressure at the ideal rate while cleaning the teeth with dental floss. You don’t have to press hard enough to cause the floss to break. Let’s say that as much pressure you apply while brushing your teeth, it is enough to apply the same amount of pressure when using dental floss. It is not correct to wash the floss and then reuse it.

When the rope is at the level of the gum, lean it against the tooth, give it a C shape and place it in the gap between the tooth and the gum. Keeping the floss in contact with the tooth without losing contact, slide it from bottom to top along the side surface of the tooth. Then lean against the side tooth and repeat the same movement. Inserting the floss and moving it up and down in a non-contact and unconscious way can push plaque into the gingival pocket or cause trauma to the gingiva.

We can state that the use of dental floss designed with toothpicks is easier for many people. Since it is not necessary to wrap the finger, teeth cleaning can be completed faster. It is even possible to reach the back teeth through this material. However, of course, products produced in the form of rolls and used by tearing off a piece can also be preferred with peace of mind.

What Are the Benefits of Floss?

Do not feel too late to use dental floss. Of course, the sooner you start using it, the better it will be in terms of oral and dental health. However, you should never think that you are late. Having your teeth much cleaner will make your breath fresher and your gums much healthier over time. You should consider the use of dental floss as a necessity, not an option.

It is beneficial to clean your teeth with dental floss before going to bed at night. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the benefits of flossing are seen immediately. In the first days of use, you may notice that your teeth look much cleaner and feel much cleaner in the mouth. You will feel the benefits such as preventing tooth decay and reducing the risk of gum disease in the long run.

  • In general, we can list the benefits of dental floss as follows:
  • Makes a serious contribution to oral hygiene
  • Prevents bad breath, especially in the morning
  • May prevent gum disease that can lead to bleeding gums
  • It prevents the formation of plaque on the teeth and in this way can prevent dental caries.

Of course, cleaning your teeth with dental floss does not mean that you can neglect regular dental check-ups. To protect your oral and dental health, you should not delay your routine examinations. You can also write all your questions about the use or selection of dental floss in the comment section.


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