Dental treatment under a microscope – 2022


Dental treatment under a microscope

Restoration of teeth under a microscope. Using a microscope in preparation for dental restoration, the dentist performs gentle, accurate, high-quality preparation.

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Dental treatment under a microscope

The electron microscope is a high-precision optical device that is used to treat caries, root canals, diagnose, assess the condition of teeth after veneers, crowns, detect and remove excess composite material under the gums. Images from the monitor are displayed on the screen, you can gradually capture the process and effectiveness of treatment.

In which cases the microscope is used:

Carrying out diagnostics. With the help of a microscope you can diagnose caries, distinguish it from plaque, see the volume and degree of damage to tooth tissues, recognize microcracks. Thanks to these manipulations there is then a gentle treatment of teeth.

Root canal treatment. With the help of a microscope you can determine how many root canals in a particular tooth, their branches, thanks to which it is possible to qualitatively treat the root system. When treating root canals under a microscope, it is possible to see cracks, fractures of the roots and determine the most optimal treatment tactics. Carrying out repeated treatment, using a microscope, the dentist carefully and qualitatively unseals the root canals, if necessary, removes the pins, broken tool.

Restoration of teeth under a microscope. Using a microscope in preparation for dental restoration, the dentist performs gentle, accurate, high-quality preparation. With the help of a microscope it is possible to achieve an excellent edge fit of the restoration to the tooth, polishing is performed qualitatively. In this case, the risk of complications, secondary caries, discoloration of the restoration is excluded.

Professional hygiene and prevention of dental diseases. Using a microscope, hygiene procedures are performed at a high level, the risk of gum injury is completely eliminated. Prevention under the microscope is the early detection of carious lesions, so the specialist with minimal intervention can deal with the problem. To treat teeth well, get advice, find out how much it costs to treat 1 tooth – contact our dentistry.

Treatment of tooth canals

Root canal treatment is a complex procedure where the doctor, using rotary and hand tools, as well as special drugs, cleans the root of the tooth from the contents and fills with filling material. In order to carry out quality dental repairs, endodontic treatment, the specialist must have a large body of knowledge in the field of anatomy, topography, histology of teeth, practical experience and skills.

The main difficulty of this procedure is that the dentist does not have direct, uninterrupted access to the root canals, because they are often crooked, narrow, there is no visual control of the process.

Channel treatment may be required if:

  • present toothache;
  • gums swollen, sensitive.

An X-ray is needed to find out exactly what is causing the pain and what treatment is needed. Our dentistry employs professional specialists who will conduct quality diagnostics and treatment of teeth. Kyiv has a lot of dentists, but Lukashuk’s clinic employs high-class specialists who do a great job, the price of their services is reasonable.

The fluoridation procedure should be performed if:
  • caries is detected on the teeth in the initial stage, fluoridating teeth, it is possible to prevent its development;
  • pregnant women – fluoridation compensates for fluoride lost to child development;
  • weak enamel – fluoride deficiency was inherited;
  • after bleaching.

There are two types of fluoridation, the doctor individually selects the most appropriate method for a particular patient, based on the condition of his teeth.

  • simple fluoridation – a special preparation containing fluoride, applied to the teeth;
  • deep fluoridation – professional cleaning, application of the composition and drying. After that, another product is applied to the teeth, due to which the active ingredients penetrate into the deep layers of enamel and create high-quality protection for the teeth.


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