Dental: Root canal treatment and pain – 2022


Dental: Root canal treatment and pain

The pain that is too often associated with treatment is now outdated. Dental

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Root canal treatment and pain: How to protect yourself?

The pain that is too often associated with treatment is now outdated. On the contrary, the intervention of the dentist serves to free the patient from his ailments. Having an abscess (due to the presence of bacteria and pus), or a diseased nerve can lead to severe pain. The patient is therefore in pain before the root canal treatment. To alleviate the pain, the dentist has several remedies:


When the pain is too strong, the dentist can administer antibiotics to his patient while waiting for the operation. These antibiotics prevent the spread of infection while providing relief to the patient. They are also used to kill bacteria before processing.

Local anesthesia

The dentist or endodontist offers local anesthesia to his patient. The root canal treatment is therefore painless during the procedure.

General anesthesia

General anesthesia may be recommended in rarer cases. The patient is then unaware of the doctor’s intervention, which is completely painless.


If the root canal treatment considerably reduces the pain, the patient may however feel discomfort in the days following the procedure. The tooth remains sensitive for a few weeks, especially when chewing. If the patient wishes, his dentist can prescribe analgesics so that he can chew without any pain. In some cases, the sensitivity of the tooth disappears completely from the intervention.


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