Dental prosthetics and Correction of bite – 2022


Dental prosthetics and Correction of bite

It is carried out in order to protect damaged teeth and preserve them. Missing teeth are also replaced with dentures. Dental

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Dental Prosthesis


Dental treatment

Do not put off a visit to the dentist. After all, a bad tooth is a source of pain, microbes that cause illness and even stomach problems due to poor chewing of food. And a beautiful smile has not hurt anyone yet, but only benefits and self-confidence.

Modern dentistry, in addition to traditional treatment, provides a number of different services. The polyclinic employs orthopedists, surgeons, therapists, implantologists and doctors of other specialties. They provide a wide variety of services.

Therapy – dental treatment

The main purpose of modern dentists is the treatment of damaged teeth. This is, first of all, the filling of the resulting destruction of the surface of the tooth. With a slight degree of damage, it is enough to do just restoring the shape of the tooth and the enamel layer. Modern methods have made the procedure for drilling and cleaning the hollow almost painless. But it is still better to visit a doctor regularly and limit yourself to recovery.

In addition, therapists treat various gum diseases. For example, periodontal disease in the elderly, stomatitis in children.

Removal of a tooth

Most often, a diseased or destroyed tooth is removed before prosthetics, if it cannot be restored and cured in other ways.

Dental prosthetics

It is carried out in order to protect damaged teeth and preserve them. Missing teeth are also replaced with dentures. Depending on the degree of damage, pinning can be used when only one prosthesis is needed, or crowns. In the absence of a number of teeth, crowns and bridges are installed. It is possible to install a dental implant.

Correction of bite

It is carried out using various types of designs of bracket systems. In this way, the dentition is aligned, the bite is corrected, the density of the arrangement of the teeth and their twisting are improved. The procedure is lengthy, from one to two years, depending on the age of the patient, the degree of correction and the design of the bracket used.

Teeth whitening

Cleaning your teeth at the dentist has only aesthetic value. In addition to creating a snow-white smile, tooth enamel is also strengthened when absorbed along with hydrogen peroxide, fluorine and other strengthening components.


Before starting any treatment procedure at the dentist, it is necessary to undergo an examination. Diagnosis will not only suggest the most appropriate method of treatment, but also prevent a possible disease of the oral cavity.


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