Dental: Instant Composites of Composite Resin (Sealants) – 2022


Dental: Instant Composites of Composite Resin (Sealants)

This is the way to deal with caries, the disease that has a microbial etiology that destroys the hard dental tissues.

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Gingivitis treatment

It is an inflammation, which is located exclusively in the gums, is mainly due to the Dental Microbial Plaque (DMP) and is the first stage of gum disease.

It is characterized by red and swollen (swollen) gums as well as a bleeding reaction during oral hygiene, during the clinical examination or even automatically.

The treatment of Gingivitis includes the depilation and polishing of the teeth (cleaning). During this process, the tartar deposits (stone) are removed from the dental surfaces and polished, ie the pigments due to exogenous factors (eg smoking) are removed. The procedure is completed by training the patient in the exercise of proper and effective oral hygiene to maintain the therapeutic effect.

It is important, after the completion of the treatment, that the patient be included in a recall program, at intervals determined by the treating dentist, depending on the needs of each patient.

Treatment of Periodontitis

It is a chronic inflammatory disease of microbial etiology, which is a development of gingivitis.

It affects all the tissues of the periodontium and causes unpredictable, unequal and unbalanced destruction of the tissues that surround and support the tooth, mainly the bone.

Its main features include: periodontal pockets, bone loss, changes in gum volume, bleeding, tooth mobility, abnormal tooth movement, periodontal abscesses.

The conservative treatment of Periodontitis includes the abrasion – polishing of the teeth (as in the treatment of Gingivitis) as well as the radical abrasions, ie the removal of the deposits from the root surface of the teeth and its grinding. In advanced conditions, surgical techniques may be needed to treat the disease.

A key role for the success of the treatment and the maintenance of its result, plays the application of proper oral hygiene by the patient, according to the instructions given to him, but also his response to the recall system of the office (recall).

Instant Composites of Composite Resin (Sealants)

This is the way to deal with caries, the disease that has a microbial etiology that destroys the hard dental tissues.

Immediate Fillings are performed in a session, during which the damaged tissue is removed from the tooth and then the cavity created with the appropriate material – Composite Resin is filled.

Endodontic Treatment (Denervation)

Endodontic Treatment (Denervation) is the procedure followed when the tooth has been damaged so that its vitality can not be maintained or it is already dead.

A tooth needs Endodontic Treatment if it has extensive caries damage, which affects the pulp (soft tissue of nerves and blood vessels), if it has suffered a crack / fracture, or if it already has extensive repair. It is also possible that a tooth needs to be repeated Endodontic Treatment, when for any reason the outcome of the previous one was not desirable, in order to eliminate the symptoms of the tooth.

During Endodontic Treatment, the damaged or dead pulp tissue located in the inner cavity of the tooth is removed, it is cleaned and disinfected and then filled with a suitable occlusive material.

After the completion of the Endodontic Treatment, the restoration of the tooth should be done with direct techniques (Complex Resin occlusion) or indirect (insert, overlay, overlay, crown).


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