Dental: How Should a Toothbrush Be? – 2022


Dental: How Should a Toothbrush Be?

Oral health and dental care is carried out in the most correct way with the use of appropriate toothbrushes.

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How Should a Toothbrush Be?

Oral health and dental care is carried out in the most correct way with the use of appropriate toothbrushes. For this, there are some points to consider when choosing a toothbrush.


  • The bristles of the selected toothbrush should be of medium hardness,
  • Toothbrush head is compatible with the person’s mouth structure,
  • The toothbrush handle is thick enough to provide ease of movement to the person who will use the brush.

Rechargeable toothbrushes, which are widely used today, should be chosen with the same features.

It is more suitable for dental health of people with gum diseases and sensitive gums to prefer soft bristle brushes.

How To Brush Teeth?

In oral care, the way the teeth are brushed is as important as the appropriateness of the toothbrush. When the teeth are not brushed correctly, even the most suitable toothbrush will not have the desired effect.

In order to clean the surface area of ​​the teeth, firstly, the teeth should be brushed softly by moving the brush back and forth at an angle of 45 degrees. When brushing with excessive force, the teeth will not be brushed better, on the contrary, the gums and teeth will be damaged. The inner surfaces of the tooth should also be cleaned with the same movement.

Appropriate brushing time is about two minutes. Brushing teeth at least twice a day is also recommended by experts.

Dental floss is used to clean parts that the toothbrush cannot reach.

How to Care for a Toothbrush?

After using the toothbrush, it should be washed with plenty of water. No paste or residue should be left between the bristles of the brush. After the brush is washed, it is left to dry upright. Bacteria may form on the bristles of a damp brush. In this case, it negatively affects dental health. This should be taken into account when brushing teeth during the day and different brushes should be used.

Toothbrush should not be stored in a closed box. Because bacteria formation is observed on the brush placed in a damp closed box.

Toothbrush is one of the personal care products. Therefore, only one person should use a toothbrush.

When to Change Toothbrush?

When the bristles of the brush open or change in color, as in some brushes, it means that it is time to replace the brush. The brush replacement period recommended by experts is 3 months.

Toothbrush bristles that are damaged in use for longer than three months will damage the tooth surface and gums.

The toothbrush should be changed after the flu infection of the person.

Toothbrushes are changed more frequently in children than in adults.


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