Dental: Holistic dentistry – 2022


Dental: Holistic dentistry

Homeopathy offers a diverse spectrum that can gently complement dental treatments.

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What is Holistic Dentistry?


Dental treatment

Healthy teeth significantly increase your own well-being. To support the health of the oral cavity, a dental treatment makes sense. In this way, diseases can not only be prevented, but already existing defects can be treated by a dentist.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is primarily an option when the tooth structure has been destroyed by caries and bacteria have gained access to the interior of the tooth. Root canal treatment is used to preserve the natural tooth and counteract severe inflammation.

Dental implants

With the insertion of implants, missing teeth can be permanently replaced and tooth gaps can be closed. The natural function and aesthetics of the teeth are thus fully restored.

Mark-free supply

The procedure of the CEREC system enables a prosthetic fitting of the oral cavity without taking impressions. The teeth are optoelectronically scanned with a special digital camera and processed in our practice laboratory.

Rail types

For many people, craniomandibular dysfunction leads to pain in the head and neck area. With a splint therapy, the muscles and the recoordination of the movement processes of the lower jaw can be permanently relaxed. The complaints subside.

3D X-ray

With digital volume tomography (DVT), a 3D data set is calculated on the computer using two-dimensional, high-resolution X-ray images. The data is displayed on the computer as a 3D model and can be called up directly within a very short time. With the precise diagnosis basis, the dentist is then given the opportunity to extract all the information he needs for further treatment.

Ceramic dentures

Many patients wish for metal-free and at the same time aesthetic dentures. Metal-free materials, especially ceramics, are increasingly replacing gold-containing alloys. In this way, not only aesthetic and functional requirements are met, but they are also well tolerated.

Gum treatment

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the gums and jawbone caused by bacteria, which in the worst case can lead to tooth loss. In order to stop this process, “deep cleaning” and supplementary rinses are used in addition to professional tooth cleaning to remove the bacterial herd.

Professional tooth cleaning

The first step towards healthier teeth can be a professional tooth cleaning, in which the interdental spaces are cleaned mechanically. Hidden soft and mineralized plaque (tartar) around the gums is completely removed.

Holistic dentistry

Homeopathy offers a diverse spectrum that can gently complement dental treatments. Accompanying therapy, this application is suitable for toothache, anxiety or to promote wound healing.


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