Dental fear – 2022


Dental fear

The vast majority of people think that it is nice to go to the dentist – even if they just need to have a dental cleaning done.

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How often should I go to the dentist?

In the past, dentists said that all patients should have a dental examination every 6-7. month. Now, however, that recommendation has been made to depend on the individual patient, and his condition in the mouth. When your dentist recommends when you should come back, it is based on whether you have any active diseases in your mouth, whether you have had any diseases in your mouth in the past, or whether he or she thinks you are at risk of developing diseases. If you have an active disease in your mouth, you need to be seen by a dentist at short intervals so that the disease can be kept down and your teeth and gums can stay nice and clean. If you have had an operation on your mouth, such as a bridge or removal of wisdom teeth, you may also need to be seen more often than at 6-7 month intervals.

It is therefore very individual how often your dentist will recommend that you come to the clinic for a dental examination.

Why is it important that I go to the dentist?

We all know the little lump in the stomach that it can give when we get a call from the dentist. However, it is extremely important that you get going anyway and have your teeth checked. This is because it can have more benefits than just keeping your teeth neat and white.

If you’ve ever tried toothache, you know it’s more inhibiting than it immediately sounds. There are many tiny nerves in your teeth that are connected to the rest of your face. Therefore, toothache can entrench in both your jaws and the rest of your face. It can cause tension in many other places in the body. When you go to the dentist regularly, you prevent caries from occurring in your teeth, thus avoiding toothache.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that your dentist is not just looking at your teeth and gums. While this is most often what your dentist comments on, your dentist is also trained to review.

  • Face, neck and lips
  • Neck and jaws
  • Tongue
  • The oral cavity – both the upper and the lower

By reviewing all of these, your dentist can help identify diseases that you – or your doctor – probably would not have noticed until very late in the course of the disease – including cancer. Cancer of the mouth often begins as small spots that can be both red and white. The spots can also develop into sores. Your dentist is trained to identify cancer in the oral cavity, and can quickly and effectively refer you to the hospital if he or she finds signs of cancer.

Dental fear

There are not many people who associate going to the dentist with something positive. The vast majority of people think that it is nice to go to the dentist – even if they just need to have a dental cleaning done. Often, the discomfort stems from past bad experiences, which return as soon as the patient sits in the dental chair. They therefore postpone their dental visits and this often results in them having to do many more things when they finally go to the dentist again. For some, dental fear is a lump in the stomach before going to the chair, but for others it is a definite phobia, which causes extreme discomfort and anxiety attacks.

If you suffer from dental fear, it is very important that you have a safe relationship with your dentist. It is perfectly okay to ask to see another dentist if you do not feel comfortable with the dentist you have now. It is also important that you get some good experiences at your dentist. Your therapist can only help you with this if you are open about your fear of sitting in the chair. The vast majority of dentists have an understanding of dental fear, and are willing to book a time where you just talk about how you can make the upcoming treatment as uncomfortable as possible.


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