Dental: Broken or fallen teeth – 2022


Dental: Broken or fallen teeth

The dentist will insert a prosthesis or bridge. If you need an implant, you will be sent to a dental clinic.

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A bridge is a fixed alternative to a toothpick or teeth. It is done by imitating the surrounding teeth that should form the basis of the bridge. The bridge is mostly made of precious metal or porcelain and attached to your mouth (unlike a prosthesis that can be removed).


The crown completely covers the surface of the tooth. It is made of metal or porcelain and metal and attaches to your mouth. They can be placed on a broken or damaged tooth, or just to make it look better.

To fit the crown it is necessary to drill an old tooth to turn it into a sort of drop on which the crown is placed. It takes some time to prepare it in the laboratory, so it probably will not be done that day.

Root canal treatment

Endodontics refers to the treatment of an infection in the middle (root) of a tooth.

When the blood supply or nerve pathways inside the tooth become infected, if the canal is not treated in time, the infection will spread and the tooth may become removable.

During the procedure, all infections are removed from the root canal system. The tube is filled with sealant and sealed with sealant or crown so that infection can no longer penetrate inside. This procedure usually requires 2-3 visits.

To clean

At this time a professional will clean your teeth. It involves removing stones from the teeth.


The braces adjust the placement of the teeth to make them look and work better.

They can be removable and you can remove them and clean them or fixed, which is attached to your teeth, you can not remove them.

They can be made of metal, plastic or ceramic. Transparent brackets are made of transparent plastic.

Removing a wisdom tooth

The wisdom tooth rises to the back of your gums. It finally rises mostly in the late teens or early twenties. Most people have four wisdom teeth, one in each corner.

A wisdom tooth can come out at the wrong angle or get stuck and not come out at the end. In such a case it is often necessary to remove such a tooth.

Dental implants

An implant is a fixed alternative to a removable prosthesis. It can be used together if the tooth cavity changes shape of the mouth and can no longer be used as a prosthesis. The implant can be used to replace one or more teeth.

To attach the implant, a titanium screw is attached to the jaw, which forms the basis of a bridge, crown or implant. Replacement parts take a long time to make because they must fit snugly in the mouth and in relation to other teeth. Therefore they may not be made on the first visit to the dentist.

Prosthesis or artificial teeth

Prostheses are better known as artificial teeth, they are used to replace real teeth. The entire composition is used to replace all teeth. It is also possible to replace one or more teeth. The prosthesis is made based on the imprint of a human gum. It is mainly made of metal or plastic.

They can be removed and cleaned, partial dentures can be cleaned together with other teeth. The entire prosthesis must be removed and placed in a cleaning fluid.

Broken or fallen teeth

Tooth fractures or falls out are quite common.

If the tooth is slightly damaged, make an appointment with a dentist to clean it from damage and fill it with denture, or make a crown.

If the tooth falls out or is severely broken, consult a doctor immediately. The dentist will insert a prosthesis or bridge. If you need an implant, you will be sent to a dental clinic.


Teeth whitening involves changing their color. As a result, it is impossible to bring the teeth to a perfectly white color, but it is possible to change the primary color by several tones.

Teeth whitening usually requires several visits and some procedure at home. The full process takes several months.

A new way of cleaning, the so-called. Laser cleaning (or power whitening) takes about an hour.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic job, therefore it is only available in particular.


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