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Causes of skin cancer and methods – 2022

skin cancer

Causes of skin cancer and methods

The main predisposing factor in the development of skin cancer is long-term exposure to ultraviolet sunlight.

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What causes skin cancer?


Description of the symptoms of rk

Skin cancer has the following primary symptoms that appear visually:

  • the neoplasm increases in size and becomes asymmetrical;
  • the tumor changes shape, resembling a plaque or nodule;
  • the formation thickens and acquires a purple, yellowish or reddish hue.

Over time, tingling and itching appear. In the very center, a bleeding or wet ulcer occurs, which can be delayed by a brown crust. In this case, bleeding and growth are observed.

Causes of skin cancer

The main predisposing factor in the development of skin cancer is long-term exposure to ultraviolet sunlight. The reason is also radioactive radiation and prolonged thermal exposure. Occupational exposure to soot, tar, tar, and arsenic can also cause skin cancer.

Reasons for developing skin cancer:

  • Exogenous: chemical agents, radiation, sunburn, scarring, chronic physical injury.
  • Inflammation of the skin with proliferation phenomena: chronic ulcers, boils, carbuncles and fistulas.
  • Hereditary diseases of the skin: keratosis, xeroderma, etc.
  • Experts also suggest that skin cancer may have a disembryogenetic origin. This is due to the frequent occurrence of tumors along the lines of convergence of facial embryonic folds.

Methods for diagnosing RK

If a malignant tumor of the skin is suspected, the doctor prescribes dermatoscopy. Diagnostics is carried out on modern equipment, thanks to which it is possible to study the neoplasm under high magnification.

Another way to diagnose is a biopsy of the tumor. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and involves pinching off a small tissue sample for further laboratory testing. If the oncological diagnosis is confirmed, the patient is sent for an x-ray, CT scan. A laboratory blood test is mandatory to determine metastasis.


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