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Causes of hair loss in teenage girls – 2022

hair loss

Causes of hair loss in teenage girls

Hormonal imbalance. During puberty, hormones cause huge changes in the body, and some teenage girls may experience hair loss.

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Causes of hair loss in teenage girls

Hormonal imbalance. During puberty, hormones cause huge changes in the body, and some teenage girls may experience hair loss.

Medicine. Drugs such as retinoids for acne, as well as the abolition of oral contraceptives can cause hair loss.

Hair styling. Hairstyles that tighten the hair too much lead to hair loss.

Chemicals such as ammonia in hair dyes also have a bad effect on hair. They can cause allergic dermatitis of the scalp, which leads to hair loss.

Improper nutrition. Lack of proper nutrition also affects the strength of hair. Healthy food is important for health and well-being and, in particular, prevents hair loss.

How to treat hair loss

The bad news: there is no cure for alopecia.

The good news is that this process can be slowed down and controlled.

There are four drugs that affect hair loss:


It increases blood flow to the hair follicle.

It can be found in the form of a lotion or spray.

Minoxidil will not have a “wow effect”: the restoration of hair growth occurs on average 4 months after application of the drug.

Those who have the initial stage of alopecia respond best to treatment with minoxidil.


This drug blocks the production of enzyme 5 AR of the second type, which converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

Finasteride is taken in pill form. This drug came into trichology from urology. Therefore, it is well studied in men and approved for use only by men.

But sometimes doctors prescribe it to women on an off-the-label basis. This is a practice when sometimes the drugs are not used as prescribed in the instructions. For example, for another age group or, as in the case of finasteride – for women, although the instructions say “only for men”. This is a legal and widespread practice.

According to the medical portal WebMed, one in five prescriptions in the United States is prescribed for this practice.


Like finasteride, it blocks the production of the enzyme. However, not only the second, but also the first types.

Trichologist Kuzma Hobzey claims that it is already in the treatment protocols of European countries, but the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved the drug.

Botox (botulinum toxin)

Botox injections into the scalp relax the muscles, promoting better blood flow to the follicles.

So far, this method does not have a strong evidence base, but trichologists believe that it may be effective.

In a small study, 10 men received injections, and 8 received “good” and “excellent” results after a photographic evaluation of their hair.

Hair transplant

Another way to fight baldness.

“The first thing to know about hair transplantation is that it doesn’t affect the progression of alopecia. It has a temporary aesthetic effect,” says the trichologist.

In the later stages of alopecia, hair can be transplanted from other parts of the body.

If you do not take care of your hair and do not take medication after the transplant, your hair will continue to thin and fall out.

This method is not suitable:

if hair has fallen out due to chemotherapy;
if there are deep scars on the head;
if there is an extensive area of ​​alopecia, etc .;
if a person has alopecia areata.


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