Brow Lift

Brow Lift: What you need to know – 2022

brow lift

Brow lift

The forehead (or frontal) lift, sometimes called brow lift, is an operation that aims to eliminate wrinkles and sagging of the skin of the forehead (horizontal wrinkles), eyebrows and upper eyelids.

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Brow lift

The fronto-temporal lifting is a surgical intervention that corrects the signs of aging on the forehead and eyebrows. These interventions are not intended to modify the features but to reposition the anatomical structures, the forehead and the eyebrows, in the position they had a few years earlier. On the other hand, the frontal lifting and the temporal lifting, often associated in fronto-temporal lifting allow a radical and definitive correction contrary to the injection of botulinum toxin, treatment of aesthetic medicine which will allow the same corrections, but to a lesser extent and only temporarily (3 to 6 months).

The fronto-temporal lift is a surgical procedure that corrects the effects of aging on the eyebrows, forehead and temples. It consists in repositioning the forehead by tightening it and in lifting the eyebrows, for a rejuvenated look. This intervention goes up to the edge of the temporal region. The frontal lift is therefore often associated with the temporal lift to obtain a more harmonious result.

The fronto-temporal lift can also be associated with midfacelift (lifting of cheeks, jowls and chin) or cervicofacial lifting (lifting of the neck) if necessary. It is also possible to add a blepharoplasty (eyelid correction surgery) or even fillers such as hyaluronic acid.

There are three major types of lifting:

1) Frontal lifting, also called “brow lift” or “temple lift”.

2) Temporal lifting,

3) Cervico-facial lifting.

The frontal lifting or “brow lift” is an intervention that corrects sagging eyebrows and the horizontal lines of the forehead. It also corrects the falling eyelids (ptosis). It can be performed by several techniques: classic, endoscopic and subcutaneous. The choice of technique is made according to the extent of the correction to be obtained and the desired result.

The forehead (or frontal) lift, sometimes called brow lift, is an operation that aims to eliminate wrinkles and sagging of the skin of the forehead (horizontal wrinkles), eyebrows and upper eyelids.

This intervention consists in redrawing the eyebrow arch, lifting the upper eyelids by removing excess skin, smoothing horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and repositioning the eyebrows at a higher level.

It will correct, if necessary, ptosis or fall of eyebrow causing “hanging” eyelids, drooping eyelid or tired look.

Before the intervention, it is recommended to stop taking drugs that thin the blood (aspirin, anti-inflammatory) or anti-depressants. It is absolutely necessary to avoid alcohol and tobacco.

The facelift by forehead lifting and eyebrow lifting (or eyebrow lift) is an aesthetic surgery operation which consists in correcting the excess skin of the forehead and sagging eyebrows.

The incisions are made at the level of the hairline, so they can not be seen after healing. The operation lasts about 2 hours and requires general anesthesia.

The patient leaves the operating theater with a small dressing on the forehead and a bandage around the head. These bindings are removed 24 to 48 hours after surgery. On the other hand, it is necessary to wear a light bandage for several days in order to immobilize the forehead and protect it from possible traumas.


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