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Brow Lift: Operation Methods – 2022

brow lift

Brow Lift: Operation Methods

Brow lift by eyebrow lifting method: An incision is made from the upper part of the eyebrow towards the forehead skin and the appropriate skin / tissue is removed.

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Brow Lift Operations

Brow lift operations are operations that provide long-lasting brows, which are the most important determinants of facial expressions. In cases where procedures such as Botox and filling are insufficient, eyebrow lifting operations are performed.

How is the operation performed?

It is done with various methods from the forehead and inner hair area. What type of operation will be performed is chosen by your doctor according to the desired eyebrow shape and the degree of pulling up.

How is Shape Determined in Brow Lift Surgery?

The shape is determined according to the most suitable eyebrow type. For this, your face type is analyzed first, and then the distance between your eyebrows and your eye and between the two eyebrows is calculated. According to these calculations, the rate of lifting and stretching of the eyebrow is determined. In such procedures, the choice of the surgeon and the dexterity and experience of the surgeon are important.

Does the operation hurt?

The procedure in question is performed under anesthesia and the patient does not feel anything.

Before and After Surgery

Before the operation, as in all surgical procedures, some precautions should be taken. In addition, the doctor’s recommendations should be followed. In order to have a healthier recovery process after the surgery, attention should be paid to hygiene rules and doctor’s recommendations.

One of the most important issues is that hair collection methods that will stretch the hair and affect the position of the eyebrows should not be done and compelling facial expressions should be avoided for a while.

Operation Methods

Although there are some techniques other than surgery, there are 2 types of surgical procedures. These;

Endoscopic eyebrow lift: In this method, a very thin incision is made under the scalp and a micro-camera sunset is made through the incision with a cannula. Lifting operations are done with micro studies.

Brow lift by eyebrow lifting method: An incision is made from the upper part of the eyebrow towards the forehead skin and the appropriate skin / tissue is removed. Then, stretching and lifting is achieved by stretching the two tissues that are far from each other and making aesthetic sutures.

What kind of an image is formed after the procedure?

After the operation, an image close to the image determined in the examination is formed. Confused or different images do not occur. In accordance with your request, more natural or higher images are made during the operation in the ways you specified during the examination.

Does Brow Lift Surgery Affect Brow Hair?

No. The operation in question does not dilute or increase the eyebrow hairs. Because the surgery is performed endoscopically or in the form of stretching, there is no direct incision or intervention on the eyebrow. Therefore, there is no negative spillage on the eyebrows.

When Can Eyebrows Be Started?

After the surgery, the recovery period should be waited completely and the fusion of the tissues is important. After the healing process is completed, the eyebrows can be removed and the eyebrow hairs can be shaped.


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