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Brow Lift: 4 techniques to raise your eyebrows – 2022

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Brow Lift: 4 techniques to raise your eyebrows

Browlifting is one of the techniques to raise the eyebrows of the moment.

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Learn about these 4 techniques to raise your eyebrows

1. Browsing

Browlifting is one of the techniques to raise the eyebrows of the moment. It is a lifting for the supercilia in which the surgeon works on the outside, producing a more natural look. In the procedure, small incisions are made close to the scalp and, in the end, the discreet scars are hidden by the strands of hair.

The method can be performed on the most varied types of people, including men and women, who will realign the eye contour and gain more youthful features. Generally, the professional uses local anesthesia with sedation and the effects can be perceived already in the first days after the intervention.

It is very common that the patient chooses to do browlifting together with other facial aesthetic methodologies, with the intention of achieving an even better result. Many actresses, models and other celebrities have already gone through this procedure to gain softer and more beautiful eyes, in line with their other physiognomic features.

2. Botox

Another highly sought-after option is the eyebrow contouring technique with botulinum toxin, which is especially advantageous for those who have an apparently sagging region. It is a simple procedure that, depending on the sensitivity of each person, can be done only using a topical anesthetic before the application of botox.

The substance is introduced in the corners of the eyes, more specifically in the orbicularis muscle, blocking it. In this way, the frontalis muscle, which remains on the forehead, suspends the eyebrows. For best results, it is important to have a surgeon who is experienced and quite skilled, so as not to be left with an artificial appearance.

3. Application of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is another of the substances that is in fashion in the aesthetic treatment market, largely due to its versatility and efficiency in providing good results. Given this reality, it is no surprise that this compound is among the main techniques to raise the eyebrows.

The filling of this area manages to improve the projection and raise the region by a few important millimeters. This can be done in isolation or, to have an even more significant and natural effect, in accordance with other methods, such as facelift, for example.

4. Silhouette Suture

The Silhouette suture, which is also popularly known as the “thread of youth”, consists of a technique of support and elevation of the eyebrows and other regions, in which the surgeon uses lines made of an absorbable material called polylactic acid to improve the harmony of the body, the face and bring a more jovial air.

The number of threads depends on individual characteristics and expectations with the procedure, which usually takes no more than 30 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. Subsequently, the substance is naturally absorbed by the body, improving volume, restoring the skin and increasing its hair.


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