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Breast Cancer: Treatment in pregnancy – 2022

breast cancer

Breast Cancer: Treatment in pregnancy

Treatment for breast cancer in pregnancy depends on the gestational age, size and extent of the disease.

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Treatment Timeline for Breast Cancer: The Steps Ahead


Treatment in pregnancy

Treatment for breast cancer in pregnancy depends on the gestational age, size and extent of the disease. All methods can be performed in pregnant women, however they have some restrictions, as they may pose a risk to the woman and the baby.

Surgery for breast cancer can be performed at any stage of pregnancy, as it represents low risk and does not interfere with the baby’s development. However, in most cases, surgery alone is not enough to treat this type of cancer, requiring complementary treatment with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which must be performed taking into account the gestational period and the possible effect on the development of the breast. drink.

In this way, the doctor often prefers to delay the surgery so that it is possible to start the complementary treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy afterwards without any risks. Chemotherapy treatment is recommended from the second trimester of pregnancy, as from the fourth month of pregnancy onwards the risks of treatment for the baby are lower.

However, when it is verified that the cancer is more advanced, the doctor may indicate that the treatment is carried out in the first trimester of pregnancy, and it may be necessary to interrupt the pregnancy to avoid harm to the baby. On the other hand, when treatment is started after the second trimester, it should be stopped until the 35th week or 3 weeks before the baby is born to avoid complications during delivery, such as generalized infection or bleeding.

Radiotherapy is another treatment method that can be used in breast cancer, but it should not be used in pregnancy as it can interfere with the baby’s development and, therefore, should only be done after birth. In some cases, when the woman has the cancer in a more advanced stage and is already at the end of pregnancy, the doctor may choose to bring the delivery forward so that radiotherapy can be started soon after.

Natural treatment options for breast cancer

Natural treatment for breast cancer only complements the clinical treatment performed in the hospital and should not replace the doctor’s indications. To improve treatment naturally, you should:

  • Consume fiber-rich foods at every meal, such as whole-grain oats, ground flaxseeds, and whole-grain foods, and raw vegetables.
  • Decrease the consumption of fat and avoid the consumption of industrialized or processed foods;
  • Quit smoking, if you are a smoker;
  • Invest in the consumption of organic food, free of pesticides.

These types of changes in diet are very important because they guarantee an increase in lignans in the body, which are substances that decrease the production of estrogen, the main hormone responsible for the development of this type of cancer.


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