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Breast Cancer: Surgical Treatment – 2022

breast cancer

Breast Cancer: Surgical Treatment

Surgical treatment is the oldest and has been applied since antiquity. Many types of surgeries have been tried to date.

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How Do Doctors Diagnose and Treat Breast Cancer?


Breast Cancer Treatment

For the treatment of breast cancer are currently used in daily clinical practice five therapeutic methods, which have passed the test of time and have proven beneficial to patients: Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Hormone therapy and targeted therapy and . These treatments can be applied in a variety of combinations and not just one to each patient.

Surgical treatment is the oldest and has been applied since antiquity. Many types of surgeries have been tried to date. In the past, the operations were more extreme and amputating, while today we tend to be more conservative. We do more often ocectomy instead of mastectomy and biopsy of a few axillary lymph nodes, instead of removing all the lymph nodes. And despite the relief of the operations, we have an improvement of survival and less local relapses, thanks of course to the other complementary therapies where great strides have been made.

Chemotherapy constantly discovers new formulations, going one step further in patient survival and following Surgery where necessary. In some cases of very advanced cancers, Chemotherapy undertakes to fight the cancer on its own or precedes the Surgery in order to reduce the tumor so that it can be done after the operation. The new drugs try to protect healthy cells and mainly damage cancer cells, as much as possible of course.

Radiation therapy is also an area that is constantly making great technological leaps. New linear accelerators and more precisely directed beams are emerging, so that they can do less damage to healthy cells and better protect nearby hearts and lungs.

Hormone therapy is based on the principle of combating hormonally active tumors that make up 70% of breast cancers.

Gene therapy and targeted immunotherapy are now the spearhead of breast cancer research. Large sums of money are spent on cancer research by fighting it through its own genes. And they are constantly bearing fruit.


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