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Breast augmentation surgeries with silicone implants – 2022

breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgeries with silicone implants

The primary treatment in breast augmentation surgery is treatments with silicone implants.

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What is a breast augmentation surgery?

A breast augmentation surgery is a surgical procedure that aims to increase the size of a woman’s breasts. There can be various reasons why you want to have a breast augmentation surgery. In younger patients, it is most often the desire to have a larger breast. This is especially true for women who feel they have too small breasts.

In the slightly older patients, it is most often due to a desire to regain fullness in the breast after one or more pregnancies with subsequent breastfeeding. With age, the breast tissue becomes increasingly limp, which a breast augmentation surgery can remedy by restoring volume in the breast.

Breast augmentation surgeries can with us consist of the following treatments:

  • Breast augmentation surgeries with silicone implants
  • Breast augmentation surgeries with own fat

Breast augmentation surgeries with silicone implants

The primary treatment in breast augmentation surgery is treatments with silicone implants.

Furthermore, we do not cut the glandular tissue, which means that you later have the opportunity to be able to breastfeed.

We use a special technique for large skin excess, so that – instead of the traditional anchor scars – you can settle for a small scar around the nipple when removing the excess skin. This is a time consuming technique which results in a higher cost of the procedure. However, it gives a significantly better and far more natural result. You can read much more about our treatments with silicone breasts here on this page.

Breast augmentation surgeries with own fat

Another treatment that you can consider is a BFO with your own fat. Here, fat from the patient’s own body is used to make the breasts larger. The treatment itself is performed with a thin needle, with which you suck fat from selected areas on the body and into the breasts. The most common places to perform liposuction are the abdomen, the side of the abdomen and the thighs. One can also take fat from the patient’s balls.

This form of treatment is relatively new, but has quickly become extremely popular, as it gives an easy and natural result while removing fat from unwanted areas on the body. Last but not least, you avoid introducing artificial silicone implants into the body, which not everyone is equally comfortable with. In contrast to a breast augmentation surgery with silicone implants, one must be aware that approx. 30% of the transplanted fat perishes during the first few weeks after surgery. On the other hand, there are significantly fewer side effects associated with this treatment.

Before the operation

Before any surgery, you will always need to undergo an initial consultation. Here you have the opportunity to ask all the questions that you may have in connection with a possible treatment. The consultation is also our opportunity to be able to use our experience to guide you around which treatment we believe will benefit you best depending on what your wishes are. Here we will therefore let you know what results you can expect from a possible treatment.

We will also dress you so that you can prepare in the best way for your treatment. Here, it is especially important to prepare properly if one is to have undergone a breast augmentation surgery with silicone implants, as the treatment itself is performed under general anesthesia.

After the operation

After your treatment you will be able to experience some side effects as a result of your treatment. If you have chosen a breast augmentation surgery with your own fat, you will not have the same inconveniences as with a breast augmentation surgery with silicone implants. Here you will experience soreness, pain and possible numbness. This is perfectly normal, but it is still important that you adapt to your everyday life and stay calm. We will of course help you prepare for this part of the process so that you are both prepared and get through this period in the best way.

After your treatment, you will be called in for a follow-up check, where we will assess your progress and the final result of your treatment. In the case of treatments with silicone implants, it can take up to six months before the final result can be assessed.

NOTE! If you have had a breast augmentation operation with implants, you must avoid lifting your arms high above your head, and you must also avoid heavy lifting. You must lift a maximum of 2kg. in total the first 4 weeks, and max. 1 kg. per arm. You have to go for walks when you feel like it. Bicycle rides are allowed after 1-2 weeks. After 3-4 weeks you can play sports taking into account soreness. You must swim 2-3 weeks after the operation – however, the surgical wound must be healed, ie. no visible scabs.


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