Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation: Recommendations – 2022

breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation: Recommendations

Recent international recommendations have informed the need to perform an annual breast ultrasound and an MRI every 03 years to control the status of the prostheses…

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  • This procedure should be performed in a formal clinic, not in an office setting, as contamination of the implant could occur due to lack of sterile conditions.
  • Recent international recommendations have informed the need to perform an annual breast ultrasound and an MRI every 03 years to control the status of the prostheses, since in some foreign countries cases of inflammatory processes have been reported in patients with prostheses who have more than 10 years after being placed. Therefore, silicone prostheses should be changed after 10 years.
  • Ask what type of implant is going to be placed: brand, content, volume, profile, shape, surface).
  • It is very important that you go to your controls after surgery since the implants placed behind the muscle can move upwards despite having been well placed, in addition, there must be a follow-up and control of the wound for at least 6 months to avoid poor healing.
    Never have implant surgery if you are still breastfeeding or have galactorrhea (milky discharge from the nipple) as it can cause infection of the implants.
  • It is the surgeon who must choose the type of implant to be placed, taking into account aesthetic criteria such as the patient’s build, the musculature of the area, the amount of fatty or glandular tissue coverage, etc.
  • Never let them inject fat into your breasts as they can produce cysts and subsequent calcifications that affect the visualization in subsequent ultrasounds or mammograms, giving false positives. Currently there is a tendency, although with few followers, to place it in the peripheral part, achieving a discreet increase in volume.
  • The injection of liquid silicone is contraindicated in the bust since this liquid, not being cohesive and not having a cover, can migrate through the blood and lymphatics, causing irreparable local and general damage.


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    • 2 years ago

    Last and most importantly :

    Insurance WILL try their HARDEST to stop you . They don’t want you to get surgeries because it costs then money . Medical use to “lose” my faxes, “lose “my paper work, say they never got stuff (a friend of mine that works there said they did get it and they were lying . He ended up processing my papers behind his bosses back and got in trouble ) . They may deny you again and again and again . They know some trans people give up . So make sure you call them consistently to find out what ls going on and that you keep applying and pressing for those surgeries to be approved . Always take down names and phone numbers . Keep that paper trail .

    They HAVE to approve you eventually. But they will lie and try to slow you down as long as they can . They will say you didn’t submit documents that your doctors have proof they submitted they’ll give you bogus denial reasons . Etc etc

    Just be critical and diligent . You think insurance wants to just give out $20,000-$50,000 surgeries to every trans person who asks ? Lol they don’t . And won’t . So Yea it’s free but it’s not always easy.

    Stay on them !

    • 2 years ago

    Second : You should ask to see a full list of surgeries that are covered . Either ask the therapist writing your letter or your insurance or your surgeon they assign you. You’ll be surprised at how much they cover : FFS, SRS, laser hair removal, breast augmentation, waist cinch etc

    Figure out which ones you want and apply for them all because approval can take months -years . You don’t want to waste time. .

    • 2 years ago

    Girl no. Ive gone through insurance twice . Was a 2 year process.

    This is your body. Surgery is serious . BE PICKY AF .

    Insurance is trying to SAVE money by any means necessary. Back when many trans people didn’t know surgery could be free through insurance they didn’t mind paying for top surgeons. NOW because they see how many trans people are applying they are moving to cheaper doctors . They sent me to a top notch surgeon only to deny my surgery and sent me to a CHEAP inexperienced surgeon who didn’t even like trans women . (Had a hard time calling them she and women . And he has almost no history in cosmetic surgery or transgender car and he botch a lot of trans girls )
    I had to take them court and win the right to see the top notch surgeon they sent me too first .

    But some trans women weren’t as lucky and got botched by him .

      • 2 years ago

      Oh and you CAN request surgeons . You don’t have to let your insurance pick. Normally they pic from a list of surgeons in your network but many don’t have surgeons who work with trans people so you can get sent to someone who’s not experienced just because they are cheap. This is your body and you will be shattered if they mess you up so be smart because insurance will always put money over quality of trans people .but yes you can ask them what surgeons are in the network to do trans surgeries and get a list to do research on them and choose

      You can also request a doctor who’s not in the network . Have your primary doctor put in a referral request for that out of network doctor . They may decline it but you can appeal it . Appeal it until they offer a court hearing (usually there’s local lawyers to help for free) . If they can prove this doctor is the best , the will approve the you going to that doctor

    • 2 years ago

    You are gonna go viral I can tell

    • 2 years ago

    I don’t like rough sex and I absolutely do not top! I’v known girls who have did it, you’re right it’s not womanly.

      • 2 years ago

      @JAVON I have an Instagram account but I never use it. Give me yours.

      • 2 years ago

      Can I get your IG I completely understand u I’m a Male btw

    • 2 years ago

    Yes I was reading that about the breast augmentation recently, and apparently my insurance does it too as of recently so it’s like now I’m just so relieved but I was ready to save that money for it too.

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