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Breast Augmentation: How long does the result take? – 2022

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Breast Augmentation: How long does the result take?

The breast implant will remain the same size as when it was implanted. Breast augmentation

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How long does the breast augmentation procedure take?


Before the operation

You should always have a preliminary examination to make time for your breast augmentation surgery. The consultation takes place with one of our experienced experts in plastic surgery. Review together:

  • Your desires and expectations regarding the appearance and size of your breasts
  • Technical possibilities to fulfill your wishes
  • The operating procedure itself
  • Risks of breast augmentation
  • Measures to be taken afterwards
  • your questions

You can expect the breast size you get after your breast augmentation surgery with implants to match the size you tried. However, the shape of the breast may change according to the natural shape of your breast before the surgery. It can be difficult to decide, but you will get good guidance from our experienced surgeon.

We recommend that you bring a companion to the pre-exam and write down your questions before coming to the clinic.

According to the National Board of Health, you must be 18 years old before the pre-exam and there must be at least 7 days between the pre-exam and your breast augmentation surgery.

During the operation: This is how the breast augmentation operation with silicone implants is performed.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes approx. 1 hour.

During the operation, approximately one incision. 5 cm in the groove under the bust. The incision site helps to hide the subsequent scar. From here, a pocket is made under the existing breast and usually under the chest muscle for the implant. When the implant is placed under the pectoral muscle, it retains the implant in place as best as possible over time and provides the best outcome for a future mammogram.

The leather is sewn together in several layers. The outer layer is sewn with a thin self-dissolving thread just under the skin. It can only be seen at the beginning and end of the stitch.

You wake up from anesthesia immediately after the operation and you will be carefully looked after and followed by the clinical nurses. At the end of the day after surgery, you are ready to go home.

After surgery

First days:
  • You must be taken from the clinic at the end of the day after the surgery.
  • Do not drive for 24 hours after anesthesia.
  • You should be calm for the first 3-4 days after the operation, but you should not be bedridden.
  • You will usually be back to work after about 1 hour. 1 week (depends on the nature of the job)
The next few weeks:
  • You will be given a supportive bra that you must wear for 14 days after the surgery.
  • You will be given a massage guide for the chest
  • You should avoid heavy lifting and heavy physical work/sports for 4 weeks.
  • If there were no complications, there are usually no restrictions after 4 weeks.
Regular check-ups after surgery:
  • After 14 days: thread removal
  • After 3 months: opportunity to check the result and ask questions
  • After 6 months: opportunity to check the result and ask questions

How long does the result take?

The breast implant will remain the same size as when it was implanted. However, there are natural processes that can continue to affect the size/shape of your breast after surgery:

  • Natural aging process: The skin and tissues around the implant age together with the vessels and lose their properties. This is the i.a. of the breast. is affected by gravity.
  • Weight change: (in addition to the implant) an important component of the breast is fat, and the breast will follow if you gain or lose weight. If you are planning a major weight loss, therefore, it is good to talk to the surgeon about a possible timing. operation.
  • Pregnancy: For some, the cosmetic result may also be impaired in the event of a subsequent pregnancy.


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