Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation: Final results – 2022

breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation: Final results

The result of the operation is observed three months after the fitting of the breast prostheses. Breast augmentation

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Which breast size to choose?

There are different models of prostheses to meet women’s expectations and adapt to all body types. If the patient’s choice is decisive, other criteria come into play, such as her morphology and the quality of her skin (elasticity, slackening). The plastic surgeon is there to advise and avoid excesses.

How is the operation going?

Depending on the morphology of the patient, the choice of the prosthesis, the surgeon can position the implant:

  • Behind the mammary gland, for a more natural result,
  • Behind the pectoral muscle, the implant is less visible to the eye and to the touch, but the breast is less mobile during muscle contraction
  • In “dual-plane” ideally, straddling the gland and the muscle, for a result that combines discretion and movement

Depending on the patient’s morphology, the doctor can suggest several ways to position the prosthesis. Either behind the mammary gland or behind the pectoral muscle.

  • If the prosthesis is placed behind the mammary gland and in front of the pectoral muscle, the chest will move more naturally. But the edges of the prosthesis feel easier to the touch.
  • If the prosthesis is placed behind the pectoralis major muscle, the contours of the prosthesis are better hidden. But the breasts are then less mobile and during muscle contraction, it is possible to observe deformations.

Possible consequences and risks

The post-operative consequences can occur in the first days. This can be: oedemas, bruises, slight temporary discomfort, a change in the sensitivity of the nipple (more or less strong). But everything is done to make the suites comfortable. “Today, we prescribe a protocol of muscle stretching, we no longer apply a compression bandage and last advance, when leaving the operating room it is possible to carry out a phototherapy session based on LEDs for analgesic purposes. In the whole, a pain remains but as for any operation”, continues the plastic surgeon.

Fairly simple suites that allow, depending on the activity of each, a return to work fairly quickly:

  • Within 2-3 days for sedentary women with office jobs.
  • Rather a week for more physical jobs.
  • Regarding the resumption of sport, it will be necessary to wait a month because if stretching is recommended, contractions are not. “Sport will not have a beneficial effect in the context of breast augmentation because it stimulates the muscles by contracting them. We can allow ourselves at the limit of soft sports after 15 days but for all that is fitness , cross-training you have to wait a month.”

Although rare, complications can occur as with any surgery. The possible risks can be: unsightly scars, inflammations, hemorrhages, necrosis, allergic reaction to any of the products used… Complications more specific to the implant can also appear: folds and waves can appear, the implant can be seen, ruptures of the prosthesis can occur (generally on old and/or poorly supervised prostheses).

Final results

The result of the operation is observed three months after the fitting of the breast prostheses. The increase in the volume of the chest can be observed immediately after the operation. But, at that moment, the chest still appears frozen, bulging. An edema then also increases the size of the breast. “The final shape of the breasts can only be judged after 3 months and the final appearance of the scars after 6 months”. Depending on the type of operation undergone (depending on the patient’s choice and morphology), the scars will be located under the breast, around the areola or under the armpit.


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