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The female breast consists of a glandular body, fat and connective tissue. The size and shape of the breasts vary from woman to woman – they are influenced by genetics, physique, weight, age, hormonal balance and pregnancy. Some women are not satisfied with their bust size and wish for a more voluptuous breast. Breast surgery is one way to do this. Another reason for breast augmentation surgery is that a woman has a deformity and would like to have it corrected, such as a significant asymmetry of the breasts. Or the breast had to be removed due to cancer and now a breast reconstruction is to be carried out in which the original breast shape is restored.

“Breast augmentation” (doctors also refer to it as mamma augmentation, the Latin word “mamma” means female breast, “augmen” means “enlargement”) was the most common cosmetic surgery in Germany in 2020, reports the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

The volume of the implant that can be used in breast surgery usually ranges from 80 to 750 ml. 200 ml is about the size of a bra cup. Patients most often opt for an implant that is between 200 and 350 ml in size. However, there is no general rule or table that shows which size is best. Factors such as the individual physique, stature and tissue composition of the breast play a crucial role in breast augmentation. A detailed consultation is therefore a basic requirement for breast surgery (see also the section “Breast augmentation: methods”).

Read here what you have to consider when having a breast augmentation:

Breast augmentation: methods
There are mainly two techniques to perform breast augmentation:

Doctors enlarge breasts with implants The breasts get more volume with the help of autologous fat Breast augmentation with implants
The small pillows differ in terms of shape, size and filling material. The choice of the implant depends on the one hand on the personal wishes of the patient and on the other hand on the individual anatomy of those affected (body build and size). The shape of the chest, the amount of breast tissue present and the condition of the breast skin also play an important role.
When choosing the implant, the patient should definitely consider that the operated, new breast must fit the rest of the figure, otherwise the result will look unnatural. For example, if you are naturally petite, you should not choose implants that are too large, as the entire stature will then not be consistent. On the other hand, if a woman has a curvier figure, a slightly more voluptuous breast can suit her visually. Plastic surgeons also advise against using only the bra cup size as a guide when deciding on the future breast size and saying “I would like to have a D cup in the future”, because a cup size of 90 D is larger than 75 D. The result of the operation can then look significantly different than what the patient imagined.

Therefore, every woman should seek detailed advice before the procedure. The doctor should introduce her to the different breast augmentation options and tell her about the pros and cons. It is also important to show the patient before and after photos of the operated breasts to illustrate what the result can look like. It is also recommended that the patient be given trial implants of different sizes, which she can put in her bra and see how it changes the appearance of her breasts. The patient and doctor then decide together which material and implant size should be used.

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