Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation and some more general issues – 2022

breast augmentation

Breast augmentation and some more general issues

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves inserting a prosthesis (inserting) under the breast to increase the volume and…

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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves inserting a prosthesis (inserting) under the breast to increase the volume and change their shape. Applicants are women with small and underdeveloped breasts who remain smaller and thinner after pregnancy, or women with disproportionate breasts. This procedure is one of the ways for breast reconstruction after surgical removal. It is also used in transgender people.

Before the operation

Dentures are available in different sizes and shapes. Their outer level is made of silicone rubber. They can be filled with silicone gel, hydrogel or saline. Currently, most dentures used have a highly coherent silicone gel that does not leak in case of damage. Two types of prostheses are available – spherical and teardrop-shaped. Factors that determine the choice of implant shape and size should be discussed with the surgeon. In the case of very sagging breasts, they must also be lifted at the same time or later, from the inside with a separate procedure. The general health of the patient, as well as laboratory tests, are performed routinely. Clinical and ultrasound examinations of the breast are mandatory, as well as mammography.

There is no evidence that these prostheses cause breast cancer or connective tissue disease. There is no evidence that they may affect milk production or disrupt breastfeeding. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts about an hour. The choice of incision depends on the clinical conclusion, the patient’s wishes and the surgeon’s suggestion. Most often the incision is made in the fold below the breast, around the nipple or through the skin of the armpit. Through the hole in the tissue pocket is made of stuffed glandular tissue, which is fixed on the left. The prosthesis is inserted into a prepared space and centered under the nipple. Thus, the prosthesis takes a natural position. There is also the possibility of placing prostheses under the pectoral muscle.

After surgery

Mandatory hospitalization is one day. Special-shaped bras are worn for several weeks. In the first days, the breasts feel swollen and firm. Mild or moderate pain can be controlled with painkillers. The sutures are removed on the seventh day. Depending on the postoperative period and the patient’s profession, a return to a normal lifestyle is expected in one to two weeks. Physical contact should be avoided during these two weeks, while active sports should be postponed for six weeks. Regular breast massage is fully recommended during this period. Sun exposure is not recommended for one month. This intervention is relatively safe as a method. Serious, life-threatening complications are extremely rare. The scars on the left at the incision site are hard and pink at first, then fade and become almost invisible. Changes in sensitivity around the nipple are possible, which are transient. A specific complication associated with the procedure is the formation of a hard capsule around the prosthesis, which occurs within a few months after surgery.

Breast augmentation and some more general issues

Is it possible to leak / liquid /?

This issue has attracted the attention of experts over the past decade. It has been suspected that silicone leaks can cause organic connective tissue diseases. Numerous studies in this area show that women with breast implants are not affected by these diseases more than other women. In addition, modern technology offers prostheses filled with highly coherent silicone gel, which is common. The advantage of the location of the implants is in fact that no leakage is allowed, the original shape is preserved, even if their outer layer is damaged.

Could dentures be the cause of breast cancer, and can they be detected in this case?

Studies of a large number of women with breast prostheses unequivocally show that it is possible to recognize breast cancer, even with a prosthesis. Of course, like other women, these patients are recommended regular self-monitoring and periodic medical examinations. This is especially important for women with a family history (mother, grandmother or sister) who are definitely at higher risk for the disease. Breast implants do not interfere with the necessary tests designed to detect any suspicious lumps by mammography or ultrasound.

Can dentures affect breastfeeding?

The development of the operation, the planned place for insertion of the implant is prepared in such a way as not to be confused with the glandular tissue and therefore milk production and breastfeeding are preserved.

Can the sensitivity of the nipple be changed?

Changes in nipple sensitivity can be expected immediately after surgery, but they are transient. Cases of long-term disturbances in sensitivity are rare.

Are you sure the operation is not risky?

Breast augmentation is a relatively safe intervention. Usually complications such as bleeding or infection can be associated with any type of surgery. Only for pain in a very large injured area will drainage be applied. Relocation is recommended in case of infection. A specific complication associated with this procedure is the formation of a fibrous capsule around the prosthesis, which may occur after 6 months. This is an expected reaction of the body. In most patients, this capsule is soft and may be felt to the touch, which is typical of new generation breast implants. In a small number of patients, the capsule is hard and probably changes the shape of the bust.

Is it different if the implants are placed under the gland or under the tissues?

In practice, both methods are applied with equal success. The main choice is for the position of the chest in each case. It is certain that the positioning of the implant under the glandular tissue is better for the natural anatomical proportions.

Can implants be removed?

Of course he can. The intervention is performed under general anesthesia. The existing scar can be used again in most cases. If necessary, the implant can be removed or restored. In cases of removal, the breasts will remain somewhat relaxed, as the skin is already stretched by the implant.


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