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Benefits of an intragastric balloon – 2022

gastric balloon

Benefits of an intragastric balloon

One of the main advantages of the technique is the absence of the need for a strict diet. Gastric balloon

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How does an intragastric balloon affect weight loss?

By filling part of the volume of the stomach, the balloon contributes to earlier satiety during meals (by acting on satiety receptors located on the walls of the stomach), and due to the quantitative restriction in food, the patient loses weight.

What is body mass index BMI?

This is a value that allows you to assess the degree of correspondence between the mass of a person and his height, and thereby, indirectly, assess whether the mass is insufficient, normal or excessive. It is important for determining indications for treatment, including for prescribing drugs for the treatment of obesity. Body mass index is calculated by the formula: BMI = body weight, kg / (height, m)².

Who can be treated with an intragastric balloon?

1.For overweight people with BMI – 30-40 kg / m², when surgical treatment is still premature, but there are already medical or socially determined indications for weight loss. Usually these are patients weighing 80-110 kg.

2. For obese patients with BMI>45 kg/m² who are being prepared for surgery to limit the risks of this surgery, such as vertical gastroplasty, gastric bypass, biliopancreatic bypass. This technique can also be recommended for preparing overweight patients for operations with cardiopulmonary bypass, arthroplasty and joint prosthetics, etc., when obesity makes such operations difficult.

3. Patients suffering from type 2 diabetes, difficult to control due to excess weight.

4. Patients who are contraindicated in surgical treatment of obesity.

5. Patients who, for their own reasons (including financial reasons), do not want to undergo surgery.

Benefits of an intragastric balloon.

One of the main advantages of the technique is the absence of the need for a strict diet. You can eat any food, since the effect of losing weight comes from the fact that you simply do not want to eat a lot. The only exceptions are high-calorie foods such as liquid drinks and sweets in large quantities.

How much weight loss can you expect?

The loss of excess body weight with this method of treatment can vary from 4-5 to several tens of kilograms, and on average, patients lose about a third of their excess body weight.

What is the duration of treatment with an intragastric balloon?

The recommended period of the balloon in the stomach is 4-6 months. The calculation is made on the fact that during this time the patient will develop the habit of limited eating and in the future will be able to consolidate this stereotype of eating behavior.

What determines the result of treatment?

The patient must set himself up for serious treatment for several months, limit his diet, review the composition of the food consumed, reducing the percentage of fat and carbohydrates in it. It is advisable to combine treatment with a balloon with training in a weight loss program, diet therapy, dosed physical activity, and acupuncture. The patient who relies only on the balloon to do everything for him will get worse results than the one who will seriously work on himself all this period. In other words, the patient gets a chance – and it depends on him whether he will be able to use it.

Is there a danger of restoring body weight after removal of the intragastric balloon?

Yes, because after the removal of the balloon, the patient remains “one on one” with his former stomach. Obesity is a lifelong disease and excess weight can be regained if the patient does not learn to eat restricted food.

How is the gastric balloon removed?

The balloon is also removed using an endoscope and specially designed disposable instruments. This procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. The removal of the balloon, as well as the installation, are performed during medical sleep, on an outpatient basis, so the patient does not require hospitalization.


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