Benefits of almond – 2022


Benefits of almond

This suggests that high-magnesium foods like almonds can help prevent metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, both of which are important health problems.

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Top 5 Benefits of Eating Almonds / Why You Should Be Eating Them – 2022


Benefits of almond

Almonds Are Rich in Antioxidants

Almonds are a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect against oxidative stress, which can damage molecules in your cells and contribute to inflammation, aging, and diseases such as cancer. The powerful antioxidants in almonds are largely concentrated in the brown layer of the skin. Therefore, consuming shelled almonds is a healthier option.

Almonds Contain Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. These antioxidants tend to accumulate in cell membranes throughout your body and protect your cells from oxidative damage. Almonds are among the world’s best sources of vitamin E, providing 37% of the daily requirement.

Almonds May Help Control Blood Sugar

Nuts are low in carbohydrates but high in healthy fats, protein and fiber. This makes them an excellent choice for people with diabetes. Another boon of almonds is a fairly high amount of magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral involved in more than 300 bodily processes, including blood sugar control. Interestingly, 25-38% of people with type 2 diabetes are magnesium deficient. Correcting this deficiency significantly lowers blood sugar levels and improves insulin function. People without diabetes also see great reductions in insulin resistance when they supplement with magnesium. This suggests that high-magnesium foods like almonds can help prevent metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, both of which are important health problems.

Magnesium Also Benefits Blood Pressure Levels

The magnesium in almonds may also help lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. Magnesium deficiency is strongly linked to high blood pressure, regardless of whether you are overweight or not. Research shows that correcting magnesium deficiency can lead to large drops in blood pressure.

Almonds May Lower Cholesterol Levels

High levels of LDL lipoprotein in your blood — also known as “bad” cholesterol — are a well-known risk factor for heart disease. Your diet can have significant effects on LDL levels. Some studies have shown that almonds effectively lower LDL.

Almonds Prevent Harmful Oxidation of LDL Cholesterol

Almonds do more than lower the LDL levels in your blood. It also protects LDL from oxidation, which is a crucial step in the development of heart disease. Almond bark is rich in polyphenol antioxidants, which prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in test tubes and animal studies. The effect may be even stronger when combined with other antioxidants such as vitamin E. This should lead to a reduced risk of heart disease over time.

Reduces Appetite

Almonds are low in carbohydrates and high in protein and fiber. Both protein and fiber are known to increase the feeling of satiety. This can help you eat fewer calories.

Almonds Help You Lose Weight

Nuts contain several nutrients that your body struggles to break down and digest. Your body does not absorb about 10-15% of the calories in nuts. Additionally, some evidence suggests that eating nuts may slightly speed up metabolism. Due to its satiating properties, hazelnuts make an excellent addition to an effective weight loss diet. Although almonds are high in fat, they are definitely a food that helps to lose weight. Almonds and other nuts are very high in calories. For this reason, it should be eaten in a controlled manner.


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