Are orthodontic treatments part of dental aesthetics? – 2022


Are orthodontic treatments part of dental aesthetics?

Treatments that are called aesthetic orthodontics, and which involve the use of practically invisible dental appliances, are becoming increasingly popular.

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What are the most popular aesthetic orthodontic treatments?


Dental aesthetics: what are the dental treatments to have a beautiful smile?

The dentist’s task is to keep the mouth and oral cavity of patients healthy not only with interventions aimed at solving problems or pathologies, but also through prevention measures.

When we talk about a healthy mouth, we are not just referring to a clean and disease-free oral cavity but – more generally – to a harmonious and pleasant smile.

Aesthetics is important for a person’s psychophysical well-being: there are some aesthetic defects at the level of the mouth that can cause a worsening of the quality of life of those who manifest them, undermining their self-esteem and serenity.

For this reason, more and more people are turning to the dentist to undergo a dental aesthetic intervention: but what do we mean by dental aesthetics? What are the most common interventions?

What is dental aesthetics?

It is a branch of dentistry that deals with improving the aesthetics and harmony of the patient’s teeth.

Although you are looking for an aesthetic result, it does not mean that the health of the mouth takes a back seat: to carry out a dental aesthetic treatment it is in fact necessary that there are no oral cavity pathologies (for example gingivitis, periodontitis, caries, etc.).

If there are any pathologies, it is necessary to remedy them first and, only later, to carry out the desired aesthetic intervention.

What are the most common cosmetic dental treatments?

Among the most common are dental whitening and the application of dental veneers.

What does professional teeth whitening consist of?

It is a treatment that eliminates stains from the dentin of the “smile teeth” (that is, in the anterior part, from canine to canine), in a single session of about an hour and a half.

What are dental veneers?

They are thin sheets made of composite material or porcelain; these plates are affixed to the visible part of the tooth to correct defects concerning its color, size or shape.

Besides these two, are there any other dental aesthetic treatments?

Yes, there are some whose primary objective is the treatment of a disease whose cure also brings significant improvements to the aesthetics of the mouth:

  • professional dental cleaning removes tartar and plaque and – if done periodically together with oral hygiene at home – guarantees a beautiful and healthy mouth
  • curettage, a technique used in the treatment of periodontitis
  • gingivectomy which consists in the removal of the excess part of gum that covers the tooth and is practiced both to ensure that the tooth has a better aesthetic proportion but also to reduce any periodontal pockets
  • dental implants to replace missing or very compromised teeth, thus saving not only the functionality of the mouth but also the aesthetics of the smile

Are orthodontic treatments part of dental aesthetics?

Treatments that are called aesthetic orthodontics, and which involve the use of practically invisible dental appliances, are becoming increasingly popular.

In addition to correcting malocclusions, these treatments are able to align the teeth: in this way the aesthetic benefit is combined with the functional one.

Invisible orthodontics, for example, consists of invisible aligners (or aligners) that must be replaced periodically and that are removed for eating and for oral hygiene.

What must be taken into consideration if we are considering undergoing a dental aesthetic intervention?

First of all it is necessary to remember that these are always interventions that must be designed ad hoc according to the characteristics and needs of the patient: to guarantee their success it is therefore important to rely on professionals experienced in dental aesthetics.

Very often the aesthetics of the mouth and its functionality are two sides of the same coin: if we think that our mouth has a defect that we would like to solve, it is necessary to contact your trusted dentist to understand the best way to intervene.


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