After rhinoplasty surgery – 2022


After rhinoplasty surgery

A well-executed rhinoplasty can bring about a sudden, positive change in the patient’s appearance, inner harmony, self-confidence, social, social…

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After Rhinoplasty /Proper wash the face 2022



The nose is a defining part of the face and, as such, is extremely important for the external appearance and personality of the wearer. An unfavorable nose can put its owner at a disadvantage in both the public and private spheres.

Initiate plastic surgery consultation for nasal deformities that have developed as a family stamp (i.e., inherited) or as a result of injury and cause an aesthetic complaint.

A well-executed rhinoplasty can bring about a sudden, positive change in the patient’s appearance, inner harmony, self-confidence, social, social and private life.

However, it is important that expectations regarding surgery are not unrealistic. Not all the changes dreamed up by the patient can be resolved with surgery. On the one hand, there are the limitations of this surgical technique, and on the other hand, a change imagined by the patient, but which certainly does not fit into the harmony of the whole face, should not be performed without technical difficulties.

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects the shape defects of the nose, which means transforming the bony-cartilaginous skeleton of the nose as needed, shaping the soft parts to the new skeleton, and thus shaping the nose to the desired shape.

These surgeries are performed with good results at our clinic – if necessary, with the involvement of an otolaryngologist!

Surgery can also be performed under local anesthesia and anesthesia.

Local anesthesia provides complete pain relief after the usual inconveniences of injecting, but the unpleasant sounds associated with surgery (sawing, rupturing, or chiseling the nasal bone) that you do not want to listen to must be worn when awake. For those who are not bothered by these inconveniences, local anesthesia comes into play.

At the end of the operation, plaster fixation is usually applied to the back of the nose for 1 week – less often, for 2 weeks in the case of an oblique nose. A swab is placed in the nose for a day.

After surgery under local anesthesia, if the patient is free of complaints, he or she can go home and show up for a tampon collection the next day.

In case of anesthesia, one night must be spent at the Clinic for observation, and the next day after taking a tampon, you can go home in case of no complaints.

It is forbidden to blow your nose, strain, eat hot and spicy food, drink alcohol, sunbathe for 2 weeks! Sunbathing is not recommended for another 6 weeks.

After one week – rarely two weeks – plaster removal. The internal seams are made of absorbent yarn – so no seams are required.

If there is an external seam, it is removed after 1 week, together with the plaster. It is very important to nose after surgery for approx. Protect yourself from even minor traumas for 6 weeks, and the nose may be sensitive to cold for weeks (or the first winter) after surgery.

The final shape of the nose only takes months, as it takes such a long time for the skin to conform to the altered bony – cartilaginous skeleton. The development of the final shape of the nose with surgery can only take about 80% can be provided. The remaining 20% ​​depends on the body’s own reactions (scarring) in the postoperative period.

If the patient has a nasal congestion that is so severe as to cause a nasal breathing complaint or is expected to cause a slightly narrower nose after plastic surgery, or if the nasal congestion is not corrected, the oblique of the nasal cavity should be corrected. -with the involvement of a throat specialist.

This is a combined surgery, which is actually two surgeries definitely done under anesthesia.

Contrary to what is described above, the nasal swab stays in the nose for a longer time here – it is removed in two installments on the second and third day after the operation. Of course, the day after the operation, the patient can go home and return to the tampon at the agreed time.


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