After rhinoplasty – 2022


After rhinoplasty

After the splinting bandage has been removed, the nose is usually taped for a week to reduce swelling. Rhinoplasty

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The operation

A rhinoplasty usually takes one to three hours. Depending on the complexity of the intervention, more time may be required. To prevent bleeding of the mucous membranes, you will be given a vasoconstrictor during the anaesthetic.

To change the shape of the nose, the skin and mucous membranes are temporarily detached from the cartilage and skeleton. While in the past the operation was usually carried out from the inside of the nose, today the so-called “open rhinoplasty” has become established. This means that a small incision is made between the nostrils and the nose is “opened”. This allows the structures to be better assessed and the changes to be made much more precisely. With special mini-instruments (e.g. hammer, chisel, scalpel), the excess bone and cartilage structure can then be removed and the nose narrowed, a nose that is too long shortened or the tip of the nose reshaped. Crooked noses are almost always accompanied or caused by a misalignment of the nasal septum, which can also impede nasal breathing. Therefore, in these cases, the straightening of the nasal septum is a prerequisite in order to be able to straighten the outer nose as well. In the case of saddle noses, it is necessary to build up the bridge of the nose, which should be done using the body’s own material (e.g. cartilage from the nasal septum, the auricle or the ribs).

After the cartilage has been modeled, the mucous membranes are reapplied precisely and sutured with fine, self-dissolving threads. In addition, the inner nasal passages are splinted with soft nasal packing or ointment gauze. The skin of the nose is modeled with fine strips of plaster and the shape of the nose is supported by a splint made of plastic or plaster.

After rhinoplasty

Pain in the wound area, headaches and clearly visible swelling and bruising in the cheek and lower eyelid area can be expected immediately after the procedure. Both regress, but this can occasionally take longer. The outer plastic rail of the nose is usually changed after a week, since the nose has already swollen significantly by this point. How long it takes to pack the nose depends on the extent of the intervention in the area of ​​the nasal septum. After the splinting bandage has been removed, the nose is usually taped for a week to reduce swelling. You should not blow your nose for the first three to four weeks. It does not make sense to lie in bed after the operation. The earlier you get up and the more you move, the faster your circulation gets going again. Expect to wear a bandage for three weeks and have limited “socially acceptable”. It depends on the individual case whether a splint or just a tape bandage is necessary.

Only the sutures in the area between the nostrils have to be removed after a few days. The remaining seams will dissolve by themselves – but this can often take half a year. In order to enable the swelling to go down as quickly as possible, you should not undertake any heavy physical exertion for eight to twelve weeks and therefore also limit your sporting activities accordingly. Direct sunlight, sauna and steam baths should also be avoided. Since wearing glasses can affect the changed bone structures, they should also be avoided for eight to twelve weeks.

In principle, the nose correction can be repeated, but the procedure is then more difficult and the result even more difficult to predict. You should wait at least a year before doing another nose operation.


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