Nose Tip Surgery

After Nose Tip Surgery – 2022

nose tip surgery

After Nose Tip Surgery

Since the tip of the nose is weaker vascularly than the other parts of the nose, the edema disappears later. Nose tip surgery

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Nose Tip Aesthetics

The tip of the nose is an important area in terms of appearance and for comfortable breathing. When performing nose surgery, it is necessary to pay attention to the compatibility of the tip of the nose with the other parts of the nose. The tip of a nose that protrudes on its back may not grin so much. However, after the back is corrected with rhinoplasty, the tip of the nose may become noticeable. Therefore, nasal tip aesthetics should be performed in the same session and compatibility with other regions should be ensured. On the other hand, a person who is satisfied with the general appearance of the nose can only have an operation for the tip of the nose.

Holistic compatibility is essential in nasal tip surgery. During the operation, care should be taken not to deteriorate the cartilage structures that support the tip of the nose. In case of deterioration, both breathing difficulties can be experienced and nasal tip drop can be seen.

Nose Tip Surgery

Nose tip aesthetics is a surgery that is performed only for the tip of the nose without breaking the bones in the nose. With nose tip surgery;

  • nose tip lift,
  • Nasal tip thinning,
  • Bringing the tip of the nose forward,
  • Changing the nose tip angle

operations such as However, as we have repeatedly stated, the nose must be healthy in general to get a good result. Only the tip of the nose can be operated, but if there is another problem, this should also be corrected. For example, if there is a curvature in the septum, a curvature on the outside or a protrusion on the back of the nose, these problems should also be corrected in the same session. In this way, holistic compatibility will be ensured, possible deterioration in the future will be prevented, and healthier breathing will be provided. A nose tip built on a crooked, weak and broken foundation creates problems over time.

Nasal tip surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. If there is little problem, local anesthesia can also be used. The surgery takes about 20 minutes to 1 hour. An incision of 0.5 cm is made from the lower part of the tip of the nose. The scar of this incision disappears on its own after 3-4 months. Until it reaches the bone structure of the nose, the cartilage tissue that causes problems at the tip of the nose by entering under the skin is sometimes partially cut and sometimes it is corrected by adding cartilage tissue and using a special suture technique. Nose tip aesthetics aims to regulate inequalities. If the tip of the nose is low, it can be lifted up as necessary. Above, it can be extended with cartilage supports. If the patient has a large nose tip, it can be partially cut and reduced with suture techniques. If the situation is the opposite, that is, if the tip of the nose is small, it can be enlarged by adding cartilage tissue.

After Nose Tip Surgery

Since the tip of the nose is weaker vascularly than the other parts of the nose, the edema disappears later. Edema and stiffness can also be seen after nasal tip aesthetics. The most important complaint is the problem of not being able to feel the tip of the nose. The tip of the nose is the last part of the nose that heals. It may take 6 months to 1 year for edema and other complaints to disappear completely. The sensitivity of the tip of the nose returns between 1-6 months. However, 1% of patients may experience numbness in some parts of the tip of the nose. Nasal tip stiffness usually goes away in 4-6 months.

Silicone is not used after nose tip surgery. Tapes are used to support the tip of the nose. In the first week, the bands are replaced with new ones. A week later, it is completely removed.

Nose tip surgery does not cause bruising and swelling in the eyes. However, it can happen if the operation is performed on other parts of the nose along with the tip of the nose. This under-eye swelling and bruising is minimal and disappears within 1 week.


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