Breast Cancer

Aesthetic Surgery in Breast Cancer – 2022

breast cancer

Aesthetic Surgery in Breast Cancer

Various treatment methods can be applied after the diagnosis of breast cancer.

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Risk Factors in Breast Cancer Treatment

Every adult woman should know her risk factors for breast cancer and evaluate herself. The situations in the risk group in breast cancer can be listed as follows;

  • Alcohol and smoking
  • late maternal age
  • early menstruation
  • late menopause
  • Menopause
  • Having breast cancer in the family
  • Previous cancer in a different region
  • Short postpartum breastfeeding period

Aesthetic Surgery in Breast Cancer

Various treatment methods can be applied after the diagnosis of breast cancer. Today, surgical methods are generally preferred for the treatment of breast cancer. In the surgery performed to clear the area of ​​cancerous cells, most of the time the entire breast is removed. This situation can cause both physiological and psychological problems for women. For this reason, breast prosthesis surgery, which is one of the aesthetic surgery methods, can be performed in the time period recommended by the doctor after breast cancer surgery.

Is Every Mass in the Breast Cancer?

Not every lump in the breast is cancer. There is a disease that we define as fibrocystic mastopathy, which we see especially in women between the ages of 25-45, which is not interpreted as a serious disease even by us, but causes serious concerns and fears among the public and is perceived as if it is a very serious event. Our patients perceive the hardness as a mass, in fact, these hardnesses are the natural hardness of the breast. Of course, since the hardness of the breast changes from person to person, the person can perceive the smallest change in time, without coming to the doctor, by self-examination. In order for us to call it a mass in the real sense, if something separate, such as a chickpea or a hazelnut kernel, comes in a bag of rice or bulgur, it is a mass for us.

Of course, the shape and extent of the circle, which we call the contours of the audience, also gives us information about whether it is good or bad. If it’s something that rolls under our hands, like a very smooth marble, there’s a 90% chance it’s not a bad thing, no need to worry. These are either cysts or benign tumors that we call fibroadenoma. These can be detected very easily with an ultrasound.

Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast cancer surgery can be performed in two different ways as breast conserving surgery and mastectomy. Considering the stage of the disease, how much area the cancerous cell covers, and the state of the patient’s immune system, the doctor decides which type of surgery to perform. These types of surgery are as follows;

Breast Conserving Surgery Methods

lumpectomy; It is the process of removing the mass in the breast and the tissues around the mass. Afterwards, radiotherapy or chemotherapy applications are performed.

Quadrantectomy; Approximately one fourth of the breast is removed, and then radiotherapy and chemotherapy applications are performed.

mastectomy; It is the process of removing the entire breast. There are types such as simple, skin protective, nodified radical and readical. The surgery is shaped according to the needs of the patient.

Post-Breast Cancer Surgery Process

There are some points to be considered after breast cancer surgery. The most important of these is that the patient does not smoke, does not consume alcohol and glucose-containing foods as much as possible, and creates a stress-free lifestyle. As is known, cancer cells are fed with glucose. At the same time, eating a balanced diet and doing sports are the most important factors in maintaining body resistance. Chemical substances should not be used, glucose-containing and packaged foods should not be consumed.

Necessary control and supportive treatment methods should not be neglected after the surgery.


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