Aesthetıc procedures ın the chın or mentoplasty? – 2022


Aesthetıc procedures ın the chın or mentoplasty? – 2022

Have you ever heard of mentoplasty? Mento is the medical term given to the chin. Therefore, mentoplasty is a plastic surgery used to correct changes in this region of the face.

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Have you ever heard of mentoplasty? Mento is the medical term given to the chin. Therefore, mentoplasty is a plastic surgery used to correct changes in this region of the face. However, although the main indication for mentoplasty is not only aesthetic, but also functional, in recent years the demand for the procedure has shown a high growth, especially among men.

The reason for this sudden interest in mentoplasty is that personalities, such as actors, singers and models, discovered in the technique a way to improve their facial appearance. And with access to information increasingly accelerated, the news invaded social networks, motivating the search for the procedure.

But, can mentoplasty be indicated for anyone, especially for aesthetic purposes? Can there be consequences of the surgery after a few years? What are the risks of the procedure?

Expert opinion

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Luiz Philipe Molina Vana, Titular Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP), it is necessary to be very careful with procedures that are irreversible, especially those that change the structure of the face, such as mentoplasty, rhinoplasty and bichectomy. “It is essential to guide the patient that the natural aging process causes important changes in the facial structure. These changes must be taken into account when deciding whether to have surgery or not”, reinforces the doctor.

The chin region, that is, the chin, is extremely important for facial harmony. However, some people have deformities or anatomical changes that affect the aesthetics and functions of the body that depend on this structure, such as speech, chewing, breathing, among others.

“In these cases, mentoplasty is very well indicated. Usually, it is performed by an oral and maxillary surgeon in conjunction with a plastic surgeon, as it is necessary to move the bone structure, performing cuts or grafts, in addition to the aesthetic work for a good final appearance”.

Plastic or Filler

However, what has become popular in recent years has not been mentoplasty in people with alterations or deformities in the chin, since it is a surgery performed many years ago. In fact, what increased was the search for procedures in the chin region to improve or harmonize the facial appearance”.

“Facial harmonization gained fame with the popularization of filling with hyaluronic acid, which can be applied to improve the appearance of the chin region. Other techniques can also be used, with the insertion of silicone prostheses, fat grafting from the patient or even bone advancement of the chin”, says the plastic surgeon.

“Today, filling with hyaluronic acid is the most recommended procedure. This is because the result is not definitive and the product is absorbed by the body, in about 12 to 18 months, with a low rate of complications”.

Filling can also be done with the patient’s fat, but it involves several steps. “First, the fat is removed. Then the fat is purified and only then can it be applied. The fat is also absorbed by the body, being a good alternative”, comments the specialist.

Attention to what is permanent!

When plastic surgery becomes popular, with mentoplasty, the desire to undergo the technique can lead the patient into some pitfalls if he is not well informed. Regarding the chin, the ideal is to opt for non-definitive techniques, such as those mentioned above. You still need to be very careful with a product called PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate).

“There are some reservations regarding the use of this substance. The first and most important is that the result is definitive. That is, once the filling is done with PMMA, there is no return to the appearance. In addition to this irreversible aspect, PMMA has a high rate of complications, such as allergies, hardening of the applied area, infections, tissue necrosis, formation of nodules, pain, among other conditions that can be very serious”.


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