Additive or Advancement Genioplasty – 2022


Additive or Advancement Genioplasty

The additive genioplasty operation allows the correction of the profile and shape of the chin when it is small or set back.

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What is Genioplasty?

Genioplasty, or mentoplasty, is an orthognathic surgery that allows the correction of congenital or acquired deformities of the chin. The intervention allows you to model or reposition the chin in the most correct way in the three planes of the space, thus modifying its projections, asymmetries, appearance and dimensions.

We distinguish 3 types of Genioplasty operations

  • Additive or advancement genioplasty
  • Reductive genioplasty
  • Transport genioplasty

Additive or Advancement Genioplasty

The additive genioplasty operation allows the correction of the profile and shape of the chin when it is small or set back.

The operation takes the name of advancement genioplasty when the purpose is the advancement and correct repositioning on the horizontal plane of the chin. The operation requires the surgeon to perform an osteotomy of the mandibular bone in the chin region. The mandibular bone is osteotomized on the horizontal axis, advanced into the correct position and fixed with special titanium plates and screws.

We talk about additive mentoplasty when an osteotomy is not performed on the mandible, but the insertion of an alloplastic material prosthesis is preferred to increase the volume and define the new features.

Reductive Genioplasty

Reductive genioplasty consists in a reduction of the excess mandibular bone. It is an operation carried out when there is a need to surgically reduce the chin and give the face a more harmonious and linear appearance.

We distinguish two techniques of reduction genioplasty: by direct or sliding reduction.

With the direct reduction technique, after the intraoral incision (ie performed inside the mouth), the bone material is smoothed and modeled, with the aid of appropriate surgical instruments, in order to define new features and dimensions.

The sliding reduction, on the other hand, involves an osteotomy of the mandibular bone and subsequent repositioning. The mandibular bone is cut on the horizontal axis, set back in the correct position, and then fixed with special titanium plates and screws.

Transport Genioplasty

With a transport genioplasty, the mandibular bone is advanced and subsequently fixed thanks to the use of a sagittal incision. This type of intervention, however, is used only in highly selected cases.

How long does a genioplasty procedure last?

Based on the technique used, a genioplasty operation lasts from 1 to 3 hours and can be performed both under local anesthesia (for minimally invasive operations) and under general anesthesia for cases in which the osteotomy technique is preferred. At the end of the operation, the incisions are sutured with absorbable threads which, therefore, do not need to be removed.

Post-operative course

In the first 48 hours following the surgery, no bleeding from the mouth is expected and some patients, albeit infrequently, may experience a slight and momentary reduction in the mobility of the lower lip and its sensitivity. These phenomena generally disappear in the 24 hours following the surgery.

This surgery does not involve the use of orthodontic appliances either pre or post-operative.

Work can also be resumed early according to the type of work and needs. In most cases, 2 days of rest are still recommended, in addition, for the next 15 days the surgery must be avoided by sporting activity in order to eliminate the possibility of trauma and pressure changes with the consequent risk of bleeding.


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