8 Health Benefits of Swimming – 2022

8 Health Benefits of Swimming

With swimming, arm, leg and many other muscle groups work actively. Actively working our muscle groups brings many benefits. Health

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10 Health Benefits Of Swimming


8 Health Benefits of Swimming

With swimming, arm, leg and many other muscle groups work actively. Actively working our muscle groups brings many benefits. The cardiovascular system is supported, weight control is ensured, bones are strengthened. If you are wondering what are the benefits of swimming, continue reading our article. Here are the benefits of swimming in substance.

Provides weight control

Someone who weighs 70 kg can burn about 700 calories per hour if they swim quickly with the freestyle technique. If he swims slowly in a freestyle, he can burn 500 calories. Swimming sports support the person’s weight control with high calorie burning. Of course, one’s swimming speed and physical characteristics will affect the calories burned. But when we look at the effect of swimming on weight, we can clearly say that it is an ideal and healthy sport.

Muscles get stronger

We all know how difficult it is to move in water. The reason for this is that the resistance of water is 44 times greater than that of air. The higher the resistance of the water, the more effort we have to exert during swimming. With this effort, the muscles are strengthened and shaped more.

Supports heart health

During swimming, water comes into contact with the entire surface of our body. The excess of water’s density allows a slight pressure to be applied to our body. This existing pressure supports the increase of blood circulation. Heart health is supported by effective blood circulation. Swimming also helps to regulate the heart rhythm and increases the respiratory capacity of the lungs and supports the delivery of clean blood to the heart. Therefore, swimming is a supportive sport for heart health in many ways.

Adds flexibility

With the density of water, bones and joints relax. Gaining comfort in bones and joints means gaining flexibility. This means that the limbs can be opened at wider angles.

Ideal for muscle and joint problems

Swimming as a physical activity is an ideal sport for muscle, joint and bone problems. While in the water, muscles and joints work in harmony with other organs and regions without feeling pressure on the spine. On the other hand, swimming in hot or warm water; It can help relieve pain such as back pain, joint pain, joint inflammation pain.

Lowers stress level

Studies on swimmers show that swimming reduces stress. On the other hand, some studies say that swimming has a supportive effect on the hormone serotonin, since physical activity is intense in swimming. Fatigue of the person with physical performance; By minimizing mental states such as anger and anger, it can make the person feel fresh and good.

Provides a healthy sleep

Accelerating the transition to sleep by spending more energy is a well-known fact among the people. The fact that the resistance of the water is high and accordingly swimming requires a lot of effort makes the person very tired. Excessive energy expenditure causes fatigue and increased sleep intensity. The person spends the sleep time more intensely with a tired body.

Balances cholesterol level

In swimming, the fats stored for energy are actively used. This sport, which consumes 3 to 5 times more calories than other types of sports, helps to keep cholesterol at normal levels.


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