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7 useful tips for self-care

hese soothing impulses will help you to restore health and well-being.

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6 Simple Self Care Tips To Become A Better You


7 useful tips for self-care

Sunlight, sounds of nature, relief from the noise of the city – rest in nature is relaxing and good for our well-being. Can we create this feeling of coziness in our four walls as well?

Tips on home care

In order for the body, body and soul to be in balance, it is important to follow a regular self-care regimen. These soothing impulses will help you to restore health and well-being.

1- Bring nature into your home

Plants easily fall on the ledge or balcony. Sow the seeds of the plant and take pleasure in observing their emergence and feeling how they turn into plants.

2- Strike the sun

Vitamin D is involved in many metabolic processes in the body and plays an important role in our health. But in order for the body to produce it, we need to be exposed to the sun’s rays on our skin. So it’s good to go out in nature regularly – in accordance with current regulations. An alternative to this is to sit in front of a wide open window and take a deep breath with your eyes closed.

But take precautions: To prevent sunburn, protect your skin from ultraviolet rays by using a sunscreen and avoid the midday sun.

3- Fill the bathroom with the scent of the forest

The scent of silver and Siberian spruce will help you renew your energy and find inner balance. Weleda pine bath milk can be used both in the whole and in the foot bath. An invigorating rosemary bath is ideal in the morning if you feel tired and find it difficult to get out of bed. The lively scent of the essential oil relieves fatigue, acts as a stimulant and stimulates the senses. In doing so, it promotes blood circulation.

4- Confront Anxiety and Fear

Nothing has such a relaxing and soothing effect as the scent of lavender. Apply a few drops of Weleda lavender soothing body oil on the wrists, then hold the hands 5 cm apart in front of the face. Close your eyes, inhale the scent of lavender and relieve stress.

5- Regularly meditate or let your imagination run wild

Relaxation begins in the mind. Taking a few minutes each day to perform concentration exercises will help you overcome daily stress. How about a virtual walk in nature? Use your imagination to bring the feeling of walking in the woods to life – even within your four walls.

6- Daily care for tense hands and feet

We often forget our hands and feet during daily skin care. But these are the parts of our body that we use the most on a daily basis. Frequent hand washing and the use of disinfectants cause them to dry quickly. High quality vegetable oils and natural ingredients rich in other nutrients help to fill and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Weleda Katsi hand cream is ideal for overcoming their dryness throughout the day. It is rapidly and completely absorbed into the skin. Extra hand care at night is also desirable: Deeply Moisturizing Hand Mask – Citrus hand cream or skin dry crop for very dry skin works wonders. Before going to bed, rub your hands generously on any of them, gently massage and, if desired, wear light cotton gloves. Your feet will also be happy if you take care of them intensively.

7- Rest your eyes from the screen

Working in a home office requires a considerable amount of time in front of the computer. This causes eye fatigue, their dryness and blurred vision. Regular breaks and simple eye exercises will help your eyes relax and unwind. Watch our eye exercises Discover our eye exercises.


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