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7 Causes of hair loss – 2022

hair loss

7 Causes of hair loss

The defendant par excellence of many modern pathologies can weigh not only on the psyche but, surprisingly, also on the hair. Hair loss

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The defendant par excellence of many modern pathologies can weigh not only on the psyche but, surprisingly, also on the hair. “This is because stress increases testosterone levels – explains Anabel Kingsley, trichologist at the Philip Kingsley Clinic in New York – which, in turn, can affect the hair growth process”.

The advice: consider hair loss as a sign that the time has come to change your life and choose the way that suits you best to reduce stress, whether it is a yoga class, a weekly session with the therapist or meditation.


There is no need to be alarmed if, once you give birth, you start losing your hair, because this condition is typical of 50% of women, Kingsley reassures.

The advice: it is useless to exaggerate with the treatments, just wait for the hair to naturally regain tone and body, which usually occurs within 6-12 weeks of giving birth.


This blood disease occurs in the presence of a lack of iron, which deprives the body of the red blood cells necessary to transport oxygen throughout the body and, consequently, also to the hair, thus causing it to fall out.

The advice: only a blood test can establish an actual iron deficiency which, once confirmed, can be resolved by a change in eating habits, by introducing iron-rich foods into the diet, or by taking specific supplements, especially in the case of menopause.

Androgenetic alopecia

“Excluding traction alopecia, this is the most common and frequent form of hair loss – underlines the Danish scientist Lars Skjoth, who specializes in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia – and manifests itself with a thinning of hair at the temples. , visible already in adolescence ».

The advice: before opting for a specific treatment, it is always preferable to hear the opinion of a doctor, who will recommend the most suitable remedy.

Ponytail too tight

Undoubtedly, this hairstyle is comfortable and quick to make, but also particularly stressful for the hair. In fact, if the ponytail is too narrow, the follicles are affected and so you can have what is called “traction alopecia”.

The advice: if you find yourself with a sore scalp in the evening, it is a sign that the ponytail is too tight, so it is good to loosen it or, better still, change your hairstyle, so as not to cause permanent (and irreparable) damage to the hair follicle.

Bad nutrition

Hair is a non-essential tissue, which means that it is the last to receive the nutrients: this is why feeding it is so difficult and, consequently, a wrong diet is enough to cause it to fall out.

The advice: to allow the hair to grow healthy and strong, it is necessary to fill up with proteins, choosing between animal proteins (absorbed more easily by the body) and vegetable ones.

Disorders of the thyroid gland

Usually, hypo or hyper thyroidism is manifested by fluctuations in body weight, dry skin and pale complexion, but in reality one of the most common symptoms (although very often overlooked) is precisely the fragility of the hair, with consequent loss.

The advice: if you suspect a thyroid disorder, you must first undergo a blood test, after which the doctor will prescribe the most suitable drug to restore the right balance of thyroid hormones.


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