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5 Reason of hair loss – 2022

hair loss

5 Reason of hair loss

If from sporadic, the use of accessories to straighten or curl hair becomes daily, it is good to start thinking about changing your hairstyle, hair loss

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5 Reason of hair loss

Too frequent use of plates and irons

If from sporadic, the use of accessories to straighten or curl hair becomes daily, it is good to start thinking about changing your hairstyle, because in the long run the excess heat stresses the hair follicle and thins the hair.

Tip: to protect your hair, cool the tools of the trade (including hairdryer) and add specific products based on natural ingredients such as olive oil or avocado to the styling, which strengthen and rehydrate the shaft.

Strong weight loss

Typically, weight is gradually lost. However, when weight loss occurs all in one fell swoop, the body defends itself by treating it as if it were a physical trauma (like childbirth or surgery), or rather by retaining nutrients from non-essential tissues such as hair which, as a result, they end up weakening and falling off.

The tip: As soon as the body stops considering weight loss as a physical stressor, hair loss should resolve naturally and to make sure that you are eating the right proteins and following a diet rich in vitamins. .


Just like straighteners or hair-curling irons, dyes also risk weakening the hair, especially if done continuously, because the chemicals they contain must break the cuticle to protect the stem to deposit the colored pigment, thus ruining the foliage.

The advice: to limit the damage, it is better to let at least 8 weeks pass between one color and the other and invest in specific products to close the cuticles and retain moisture.

Unhealthy scalp

The occasional appearance of dandruff should not worry, but if the flaking of the skin becomes a recurring problem, then it is good to intervene before the hair suffers from it to the point that it no longer grows or even begins to fall out.

The advice: at the first hint of dandruff, use a specific shampoo, but if the problem is not solved it is advisable to consult a doctor to avoid the presence of some scalp pathology, such as psoriasis or fungal infections.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

This endocrine disorder affects the function of the ovaries, but hair can also be affected, because the excessive production of androgens (male hormones) risks shortening the growth phase.

The advice: in case of polycystic ovary syndrome, the doctor will establish the most suitable therapy, although generally the use of an anti-androgen drug (such as the pill) is sufficient to restore the right hormonal balance and to stop accordingly even hair loss.


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