10 Health Benefits of Basketball – 2022


10 Health Benefits of Basketball

Whether you play as a team or individually, basketball is a very suitable sport to stay healthy. Let’s count 10 benefits of playing basketball that will keep you fit and healthy…

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10 Health Benefits of Playing Basketball


Burn High Calories

In addition to basic movements such as running and jumping in basketball, many physical movements in the game allow you to spend energy and burn a significant amount of calories. A 75 kg person can burn 600 calories, and a 110 kg person can burn 900 calories by playing high performance basketball in an hour.

Basketball Reduce Stress And Strengthen The Immune System

Staying away from stress allows you to focus more on the tasks in front of you and produce easier solutions. By playing basketball and other sports, you can reduce your stress and get the opportunity to socialize. People who can socialize more and more away from the risk of depression. It also has a strong immune system.

Protect Your Heart And Vessel Health

Basketball helps you protect your cardiovascular health. The more you play, the faster your heart rate will increase, your physical endurance will increase and your heart will become healthier. The risk of heart attack is also greatly reduced.

Strengthen Your Bones

Jumping and similar physical movements in this sport contribute to the strengthening of your bones. Your bones and muscles become stronger over time, increasing your endurance in physical activities.

Better Engine Skills And Coordination

Free throws and jump shots help with hand-eye coordination. Rebounding from missed shots is also a move that requires your whole body to move in harmony. Dribbling, one of the basic basketball moves, also requires much better coordination. When learning basketball for the first time, coordination between hands and eyes develops in dribbling training, and when this skill reaches a good level, players begin to move without looking at the ball.

Strength Trainings

In this sport, you have the chance to work out your whole body. It also helps in muscle development. Since it is a sport in which physical contact is experienced a lot, the body structures of the players have a more developed muscle structure in order to be able to stand against the contact they receive. Especially in the trainings to improve the defense, there is strengthening in the deltoid, neck, lower back and main muscle areas. Legs and arms also develop and become more flexible.

Your Spatial Awareness Is Improved

Spatial awareness means knowing where your body is in the plane of space and time. Have you ever wondered why cats always land on all fours? Body awareness. This way you stay balanced.

Mental Development

Basketball requires a wide range of physical abilities. But you also have to be in good shape mentally. Research on basketball development has revealed that players need to grasp what is happening on the field very quickly and make quick and effective decisions. Especially since it is a game played at high tempo, you have to train yourself to stay in harmony with your teammates and to take the fastest and most accurate action against their and your opponent’s movements in basketball. In this sense, the development you will experience will also increase your success in decision making and problem solving in real life.

Your Confidence Increase

Basketball is a true self-confidence sport. Your self-confidence increases when you shoot well or be part of a winning team. Self-confident people are also stronger against the negativities they face in their lives. They can show their talents at the highest level.

Increases Concentration And Internal Discipline

Basketball, like any other sport, is played according to certain rules. If you violate these rules, not only you but also your team will be penalized in return. By working to increase your inner discipline, you ensure that a fairer and cleaner game is played. You concentrate more on the game and try to be a useful player for your team by staying within the rules. This attitude is reflected in your real life as well.


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