Nose Tip Surgery

⚠️Small nose tip surgery – 2022

⚠️Small nose tip surgery - 2022

⚠️Small nose tip surgery – 2022

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Occlusion of the tear ductIt occurs when the lacrimal ducts and the fluid emitted by the lacrimal gland are absorbed and pass into the lacrimal sac and then flow into the nasal cavity through the tear duct. If there is a blockage in the tear duct for any reason, the tear accumulates in the eye and flows from the eyelids to the cheek. This situation causes serious infections in the tear duct tracts and brings problems such as redness, pain, burring,

This subliminal is suitable for people who have boxy or bulbous nose tip ( shown in the thumbnail/ video ) A boxy/bulbous nose tip is basically a ‘ fat nose tip ‘. Its has a more convex lower cartilage and distant domes ( with more overlaying fat and more fat inbetween). If you want to achieve a normal nose tip (shown in thumbnail / video)you need to use the interdomal sutures to tighten the domes and push them together .
This subliminal basically will give u a
– normal nose tip by using interdomal sutures to tighten the domes and push them together and lessening fat in between and overlaying the domes
– desired nose tip

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